30 for 30: The recap for Winter 2011

by - Saturday, March 05, 2011

Whew! I am DONE. Who wants bubblies? It's on me *pops bottle*

Just a couple of thoughts to close out the last 30 days:

1) Did ya notice a theme? Bows galore! Staring at these pictures have really opened my eyes as to how many items I own with bows on top. And if it doesn't already come with a bow topper, I create my own. I'm officially bow crazy. (Everyone know I'm beyond help when it comes to scarves, so we don't have to go there, hehe).

2) My favorite outfit is from day 10. When something feels right, you just know. Also, like how I knew day 23 was a disaster -- but I still wore the outfit out. Still don't know what went on in my head that day.

3) Not shopping wasn't nearly as tough as I thought -- until this past week. I couldn't close out my browser fast enough, so I ended up reading (and lusting) after gorgeous picks by so many bloggers. If that isn't bad, the sale prices almost killed me. But no worries, being the lemming that I am, I plan on going binge shopping soon.

On to the picture recap with my 30 items:

day 1   //   day 2   //   day 3   //   day 4   //   day 5
day 6   //    day 7   //   day 8   //   day 9   //   day 10
day 11   //   day 12   //   day 13   //   day 14   //   day 15
day 16   //   day 17   //   day 18   //   day 19   //   day 20
day 21   //   day 22   //   day 23   //   day 24   //   day 25
day 26   //  day 27   //  day 28   //  day 29   //  day 30

Thank you for taking the time and following along with me on my first 30 for 30! All your kind words and encouragement meant so much. As of right now, I don't know if I would participate in another one (need a long nap to clear my head). But who knows? I may feel the itch come spring :)

My mini-hibernation from blog posting officially starts... right now.

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  1. 8 is my all time favorite...I think I even saved pictures (haha creepy much?) from that day in my inspiration folder. :)

    Yay congrats on your shopping ban ending, can't wait to see your "binge" results :)

  2. Looking through your recap, I just realized you have great poses. For some weird reason I can never come up with any good poses when I take my pictures. I never know what to do with myself or my arms. I just stick the to arms-at-the-side or hands-on-the-hips poses.

    Complex Cardigans

  3. @Elle - Haha! No you're not alone cuz I've done the same thing :D So if that's creepy, then we can be creepy together.

    @Jenn - That's such a nice thing to say because I feel like I resort to the same ol' poses. I try to stick my hands in pockets (if there are any), cross my legs, bend my legs, cock my hip, play with my hand on my bag, or any of the above combinations. I'm not sure if that helped :)

  4. I love seeing all your pictures together. I was going to tell you which one was my favorite, but I narrowed it down to 13 looks and hadn't even got through all of the pictures yet! Enjoy your posting hiatus.....and I'm looking forward to seeing what your shopping binge brings!!

  5. Wow good job Cee!!! It must have taken you forever to post all the pics at once:) Amazing! I couldn't decided between several...how about just major HATS off to you for completing this challenge! LOL :D

  6. Congrats on finishing!!! Looks 6 and 16 are my favs :)


  7. Congrats on finishing the challenge! I think my favorite outfits were 2, 8, and 15. I really, really love the striped top and purple scarf...gorgeous!

    Can't wait to see the results of the coming shopping binge :)

    This Life, Redefined…stop by and say hi!

  8. thats awesome you keep a log of this..i dont think i can remember what i wore two days ago lol nice outfits though

  9. My favorites are 1, 8, 10, 17, 21, 25 :) I've soo enjoyed reading / looking at your outfits these past 30 days. Now that you've finished, would you have swapped out any items for something different?

    I'll miss your posts during your mini-hibernation but you've definitely earned some rest from all the back-to-back blogging!

  10. What a fun recap! I agree w. Jenn, you have tons of FAB poses. you're a natural in front of the camera! and oh yes, 8 is my all time fav! you look like a vixen!!!

  11. here are my faves:

  12. i adore your style.. it's classic and chic all at the same time.. and i heart everything bows too!!!

  13. wow awesome 30 days! so great

    xx http://madelineweber.blogspot.com/

  14. i love all the different ways you styled the chambray shirt. and you did a great job of mixing up your outfits!

    cute and little

  15. @Callandra, @AubreyOhDang! - Lol, that's nearly half the outfits!

    @Really Petite - I started compiling the pictures every few days. I knew if I waited until the end, I wouldn't have gotten around to it, lol.

    @May, @Lisa, @Madeline Weber, @kileen - Thank you for the kind words!

    @Tara, @The Little Dust Princess, @Lisa - I am really, really surprised so many people like #8! If I'm honest with myself, it was one of my least favorite.

    @Judy Nguyen - Just for the 30 for 30 challenge only. I don't do this often :)

    @SewPetiteGal - You know, I'm glad I forced myself to wear dresses a lot more the past month. I really wish I had put in a couple pairs of heels too. I certainly don't wear those enough. Maybe next time? :)

  16. I love all of your high-waisted styles and skinny belts! I'm also a huge fan of the striped shirt + colorful scarf combo. Great style!

  17. yeah right now, i'm totally not feeling like i could handle another 30/30, but you never know!! your outfits were all fabulous, but i especially liked 26, 15 and 3. :)


  18. 5, 18, 21, 24, 30 - if we're playing favorites. Though I have to tell you, it was really hard to choose!

  19. Looks nice overall. Not buying anything for a month is very hard.

  20. I love 10, 25 and 8!! You did SUCH an amazing job Cee I love seeing this recap. And errr - ok I'm creepy too ;)

  21. WOW you had one of the best remixes i have seen. adorable! am now following!

  22. I seriously <3 you right now.

    I LOVE 2, 8, 15, 29 & 29. And 1-30. But those stood out right away!

  23. Well, although I do love 29, I meant to say "25" & 29... ;)

  24. This is my favorite post when a blogger one of these challenges. So much goodness to see, all at once! Congrats again on finishing! :)

  25. I love how you mix and matched everything. It was like everyday you have a brand new outfit. It really does a lot of wonders if you know how to layer your clothes. I learned a lot from this post! Thanks!

  26. Love them all but my favorites are Day 8 and Day 25! Awesomeness!


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