30 for 30: Halfway home

by - Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today is day 15, which means I'm halfway through the 30 for 30. Yay! Not that this is a sigh of relief and I'm dreading the days until it's over, but it has been quite challenging to stay creative, take pictures everyday, blog everyday (so hard!), and staying away from shopping. Not spending a penny has been the most shocking of all. I thought this would be the hardest obstacle to hurdle, but every store email that comes into my inbox has been relegated to a click-and-archive. It hasn't stopped me from browsing online completely, but it has certainly freed up a lot of my time, lol. Already on my wishlist? This, this, this, this or this, and this. Pleasepleaseplease let none of my favorite stores hold a major sale this month. In the meantime, exerting my willpower is a beautiful feeling :)

shirt: Gap
bracelet: disney couture
belt: Express
jeans: LOFT
bag: agnes b - gift from cousin

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  1. congrats on getting halfway through the challenge!! you're doing great!

    i love the purple scarf mixed with this outfit. and you always have the best bags! i love this one!

    cute and little

  2. Woo Hoo! Half way!! I really like the color of that scarf and that bag.. LOVE. I am very much enjoying being a new follower. You have some lovely items.

  3. love your style!


  4. I think you're doing wonderfully with the remixes and I wish I could keep up blogging every day like you do but alas, I only have time to do quick uploads on facebook instead. LOL.

    I love your take on colorful accessories to make each outfit different and special! =)

  5. You are doing it and you are doing it so well! I wish I had your willpower. :)

  6. Whoa, didn't know that you weren't supposed to buy stuff during the challenge! You can, I won't tell! =0P I really like the way you tie your scarves, lots of volume for warmth and statement!

  7. I am glad you are doing this challenge...shows that its not necessary to buy clothes all the time even though I would love to do that.

  8. Yay! You are doing very well! I love that you feature scarves...I am so inexperienced with that accessory, nice to see my options! :)

  9. You're doing soooooooooooo good Cee, I know you can stay on the wagon. Just think, once this is over you can go BONKERS!!! And by then, most of your wishlist stuff will be on sale. And it's so cute how you styled that scarf!

  10. I love your casual, laid back outfits. That top with the scarf? Gorgeous!

  11. You're doing so well, Cee. I don't think I can do it. I am loving this casual outfit especially the color of your scarf. Keep up the great work. You're almost there :)

  12. Cute outfit!! Kudos for making it half way already. Yeah, it is tough to blog everyday. It's been quiet for me the last couple of days.

  13. Those boots are cute! I just checked and they don't have my size at Old Navy. Darn! Anyway, love your scarf with the shirt.

    Amber Lena Fashion Bargainista.com
    outfits for sale from $10!

  14. great outfit! i love the finishing touch your purple scarf gave to this look:) Love it:)

  15. Major props to you for getting 1/2 way thru this challenge..I know I couldn't do it..LOL

    Those are LOFT jeans? What size? They look amazing on you!

  16. you are so brave for taking this challenge, this outfit look so comfy love the scarf :)

  17. OK, you know what I think you should do with your urge to buy? Go ahead and browse, but whenever you see something you want, deduct that price of the item from your checking account and move it somewhere else (savings, paypal, etc). Then forget about it. After a period of time (2, 4 months, whatever) spend what you have on something big and special, like an investment purchase. (I find it easier to resist spending because for many, many years (like 10) I would see something I wanted and then think "that's an entry fee" (for bike races) and not spend it. The end result of this is that for nearly 10 years I dressed rather plainly and had no good shoes, but I raced in 20-40 races every year. Yeah, I know...priorities.

  18. Thank you girls so much for the encouragement!

    @kileen - What're you talking about? :) You have some killer bags (and shoes) yourself. But we can probably agree Elle has the best bag collection though.

    @Simply Bubblelicious - This bag doesn't get much love from others, but I personally can't live without it!

    @howtoruninheels, @Tara, @Fashion Fabrice, @katou - Thank you!

    @Stylepint - Thanks for letting me know. Will be checking out your Facebook for outfit updates!

    @Elle, @PetiteLittleGirl - Digging deep, really deep to find the willpower haha. Never say never!

    @Banhannas - Yep, like most things, there's always a catch :)

    @Jarucha - Amen. If my wallet was a bottomless pit, you can bet I'd be shopping like crazy.

    @Michelle - Scarves are my go-to whenever I feel an outfit's a bit bland. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when the weather's warmer though, lol.

    @Lisa - When March rolls around, you can be sure I'm going on a shopping binge. One that has no end in sight, haha. I'm a bit sad to see some stores starting sales already. A few weeks too early!

    @JenlovesBal - If only there were more than 24 hours in a day, then it'd be no problem-o.

    @Amber Lena - What a bummer! Maybe you could try the stores, see if anyone returned it.

    @Really Petite - Yep, jeans are from LOFT. Size 00 regular. It's fast becoming my favorite pair of jeans. Or does it not mean much when that's the only pair I've allowed myself to wear for this month, lol.

    @littlenashua - It's funny how our priorities shift as we get older/change. I can't recall what I spent my money on before I "discovered" dressing neatly. But now that I have, I wonder if something else will take its place in the future -- traveling? becoming a foodie? Life's one grand adventure that's for sure.

  19. Wooohoo for being half way through the challenge!
    I like how you styled the scarf, looks great with the striped shirt and we all know I LOVE stripes :) Who doesn't, right?!

  20. LOL i feel you on the not shopping though it's a little easier for me. I hope you have sales everywhere after the remix :)

    also, I really do love this shirt of yours. pretty purple scarf is pretty too!!! again, the pretty office bathroom wins at life.


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