30 for 30: Silver lining

by - Monday, February 21, 2011

Me: You get a day off on Mon. I don't.
Boyfriend: Woohoo!
Me: *evil glare* At least I'll have a nice commute.
Boyfriend: *shakes head* Only you would look forward to something like that.

The silver lining of having to work on a federal holiday is my wonderful commute. A typical one-way for me is 45 minutes. On a bad day, easily an hour. Today, it took me 30 minutes!! Can you feel my excitement?! Too bad the euphoria disappeared soon after I arrived at work, lol. What's your normal commute like?

scarf: eBay (seller's store; ASOS is selling one that looks identical to me)
cardigan: Old Navy (currently sold here)
shirt: American Eagle
belt: J.Crew
skirt: J.Crew (currently sold here)
tights: Forever 21
flats: Mossimo
bag: Balenciaga

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  1. Haha, you guys are funny!
    I have a 15min drive to work...except today since we got 9 inches of snow.

    You're so creative with your outfits and I love how you layer. I've been totally slacking lately with my outfits :)

  2. You are so creative with scarfs! I love how you wear them!

    And my commute is like 10 minutes, I work really close to work. And no traffic ever. :) I feel lucky.

  3. I used to work for a bank, and I got all of these random holidays off, which was awesome. I never missed the chance to mock my boyfriend (now husband) for having to work, because I am mean like that, apparently.

    My commute is usually 30-40 minutes, but when traffic is light? I can get in or out in about 15-20 minutes. I LOVE those days...

  4. And I totally meant to tell you that I love the scarf wrapped around the skirt, but I got all caught up in talking about myself.

    I love the blue and gray :)

  5. You and your scarves - love it! You should teach a scarf utilization class, since I never know what to do with mine. Or just post a tutorial or some ideas. That would work for me too. :)

  6. My job is a live in position... so my commute is about 45 seconds. That may sound wonderful... but then again I live at my job... There is no escaping that.

  7. lol, i hate my commute to work. but i love listening to npr on the road so it makes it bearable.

  8. LOL to you and your bf's commentary. If it makes you feel better that most kids didn't get President's Day off because of the insane snow days.
    Your scarf, I really need to look for something like that! I really love the colors, looks so professional.

  9. That sounds like something I would say! My commute is 45 minutes or 1 hour for a bad day. On my lucky days, I can do it in 38 minutes :) As always, love that scarf and what a cute idea to tie it around your waist!

  10. I am loving that scarf!!

    Wow! You have a long commute! My drive is fifteen minutes...no accidents/traffic ever (*knocks on wood*), but even that is long to me! Lol!

  11. SUPER cute scarf!
    and omg you two are too funny! I would be super thrilled to have a shorter commute to work too! :)

  12. Your scarf is such a cute addition to your outfit. I have never seen anyone being as creative as you when it comes to inventing ways to work with scraves.

  13. the color of your balenciaga makes my heart skip a beat. it is absolutely gorgeous! xo

  14. i'm loving the scarf two ways!!! love the different grays too!

    and i hate going to work on a holiday so i hope you did have a nice commute :)

    my commute is around an hour and a half or so. not good. haha. commuting here sucks.

  15. I was experimenting with my scarves this weekend and was thinking of you! I was thinking "How would Cee wear this" :P

    My commute is about 20 minutes - I'm lucky I drive against traffic so there's usually no issues.

  16. Like this outfit it looks preppy but comfy too I'm a nig fan of scarfs and i see that you are too :)

  17. @Lilly, @Elle, @Lisa Lisa Lisa, @Michelle - Lucky duck! I don't want to torture myself by figuring out how much more time I'd get to sleep in with such a short commute :)

    @Tara, @Lisa, @SewPetiteGal, @Jennifer and Sherry, @Patty - Hellish commuters unite! Misery loves company? :D

    @Kristen - I'll see if I can whip up another scarf video... I don't know if I can top my first one :)

    @Banhannas - I just realized that when I drove by a middle school today. Ha! Been there, done that :)

    @Nelah - That's such a sweet compliment. Thank you so much Nelah!

    @cryskay - It's love at first sight all over again every time I use my Bal :)

    @curls-and-pearls - Ahh! I'm so touched!!

    @katou - I'd like to think preppy is my middle name ;)


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