30 for 30: Times they are a-changing

by - Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm sad to hear that Borders filed for bankruptcy yesterday. Boyfriend and I used to go there all the time on our dates. There's not a whole lot of free things to do for two broke (and nerdy) college kids home for summer break. Their situation reminds me of Tower Records from the 90s, where they couldn't keep up with changes in technology. Does anyone remember that store? (I hope I'm not showing my age). It used to be one of our favorite hang out spots back in high school for my friends and me. I still remember walking by years later only to see another store in its place. Ahh, talk about nostalgia. Is there a store that you miss because they are no longer in business?

top: LOFT
belt: J.Crew
pants: LOFT
bag: Chanel

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  1. ahh that beautiful blouse again! love how you paired it with the gray blazer. how'd you manage to keep all the ruffles perfect? i really need to invest in a steamer. i'm really sad about borders closing too :( i loved using their coupons.

  2. Awww, I hate to hear that. I just stopped by a Borders a couple of weeks ago :( And yes, there is another store that went out of business that I still miss....Martin and Osca! On a happier note, your outfit is super cute!..and I love those wedges!!

  3. Oh no about Borders! Back in HS, I used to go to the Borders located at the World Trade Center and I thought it was the coolest book store ever! Plus Borders is the closest book store to where I live now - awww...

  4. omg cee that red blouse is GORGEOUS!! i'm seriously ordering that from LOFT stat!

    ps. i uploaded my new chanel baby! :)

    oh and are you by any chance from the moco area??

  5. Look at you all business chic! I'm really loving the fit and look on your blazer.
    WHAT? How can Borders be out of business? =0( Damn kids nowadays engrossed in video games. Booo.

  6. Loving the outfit!

    Yeah, I read about that too and it's quite sad! I hate to admit that I order from Amazon if I didn't want to make the drive down to my local Borders.

  7. I too am sad about Borders going out of business...though I sort of expected the day to come eventually. They keep sending out 50 percent off coupons and a healthy business wouldn't discount that much with frequency. :(

    I like your outfit a lot (again), you wear that blouse perfectly!

  8. I like the way the belt adds a nice touch to the blouse. I am keeping an eye out for sales on Loft petite jeans since it looks so great on you. I remember Virgin Records used to exist...like all "records" store --- can't survive.

  9. ok, just read some more and realized it's chapter 11 and not chapter 7. I misread your post and thought they were dunzo. :)

    tough road ahead though!

  10. I remember Tower Records! Lol! But Best Buy was closer to home, so Tower Records was not as frequented.

    Buffums ?(a department store, detached from the mall) is my nostalgic store...back when I was in elementary school. That was pre-Nordstrom days. It was in Southern California.

    I love the simple black and grey, with a pop of pinkish-red! Lovely outfit!!

  11. Ooh super cute wedges! I sooo love that LOFT shirt on you - it is such a perfect color against your skin tone. Once again, you can do no wrong with your outfit :)

  12. That is still my favorite blouse. And the wedges? LOVE!

    I don't really get nostalgic over stores, but I've been listening to the 90s station on satellite radio lately, and every song is a freaking wave of memories...and it all makes me feel old :)

  13. I love, love the outfit! That top is so perfect.

    I hadn't heard about Borders! When I was an undergrad I would go there nearly everyday in the summer and read. I'm so sad!

  14. Love those shoes :) I was sad about Borders, too. I loved all the CD/music places like Towers (we had Coconuts, and some other places) in high school, and now I dont think there are any around here. (Now I feel old lol.)

  15. oh noooooooooooooo, I didn't know that about Borders. My DH and I used to hang out at Barnes and Nobles during our college days. And I heart B&N so much. Sometimes I'm so afraid Amazon will put 'em out of business.
    p/s I enjoyed reading about your brother's story re:spaghetti and meatball. what are the coincidunkers???

  16. I do remember Town Records. So sad that they're going out of business. I love this outfit, Cee. I think I am going to "copy" you. I have the same top and still don't know how to style it properly. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a great weekend!

  17. i remember tower records! and you look fabulous!

  18. oh man, you keep making me want that blouse!

  19. I used to love Tower Records!

    Actually, there was a CD store in the mall where we'd hang out, but I totally forgot what it was called! :(

  20. I love this blouse and thos wedges so versatile :))

  21. @Leena - My secret to maintaining the ruffles is... not sticking it in the washer, haha. I've worn it maybe 5-6 times, but haven't yet washed it. I'm waiting until the end of the season to take it to the dry cleaners.

    @Callandra - I wish I had given Martin + Osa a chance. I discovered the store too late, and by then they were out of business. Boo =/

    @Lisa - respect the shoes - Borders has a special place in my heart too. They were the original. B&N came along after.

    @lisa - Just saw your Chanel reveal and I can not stop staring at the pictures! Simply stunning.

    Nope, I live on the other side of the river in Nova. I do go to MoCo every once in awhile. Can't beat the Chinese food in the area!

    @Banhannas - Haha, I like how you blame it on the kids and their video games. They're so easy to pick on ;)

    @JenlovesBal - I don't blame you, Jen. Amazon is just so convenient sometimes. I'm guilty of it as well.

    @Elle - Bankruptcy terms are confusing to me, but they're closing select stores. It just so happens the one closest to me is closing! Boo!

    @Jarucha - My jeans are from their regular line actually. But I did try on the petite in the same size. Both versions fit the same from the waist to the thighs. Only difference is the length of the pants. Petite ones are a tad too short on me so I went with the regular and just tucked the hems in.

    @Michelle - Yes! Glad I'm not the only oldie :P Never heard of Buffums, but I would guess it's similar to Dillard's (a southern chain dept store).

    @SewPetiteGal, @katou - Thanks :)

    @Tara - I love 90s music too! Especially pop. BSB, 'N Sync, Britney. Yes I was a teeny bopper.

    @Lisa Lisa Lisa - Bf likes to joke that Borders and B&N are libraries with new books, lol.

    @Katie, @Isabel, @kimmie - Glad I'm not the only oldie here :)

    @Lisa - As of right now, Borders is only closing select stores, so hopefully they can pull out of this slump. But I think it might be inevitable though =/

    About your lunch thief, the least they could have done was left a note like the one my brother got! Some people, no remorse.

    @PetiteLittleGirl - Copy away! We're all such great inspiration for one another :)

    @Really Petite - Hehe, to make you forget about this top, I'll stop wearing it for awhile. Like a week? :)

  22. it's like blockbusters and hollywood movies! all shutting down :( anyway that red top is the perfect pop of color in all those neutrals! your look is adorable

  23. I would have never thought of belting such a feminine top. What a great look.

  24. I can't believe Borders filed for bankruptcy. I love bookstores in general and when i was in the US, borders was a nice one to hang out in. sad face. and yes, i remember Tower Records and its demise.

    I do however love the top!!! I would never pull it off but the color is gorgeous and the flower is so pretty on you!


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