30 for 30: Two colors

by - Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A coworker stopped me in the hallway to say I reminded him of Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. I asked if it was the poofy skirt. He said no, looked at my shoes, and proclaimed that it's the shoes. So here's today's outfit, inadvertently inspired by Alice, according to a guy. (It was a cold day, so I layered the electric blue tights underneath the gray ones. I'm way too chicken to be wearing bright blue tights at work! But it's ok for picture taking).

scarf: American Eagle
cardigan: Old Navy (currently sold here)
belt: J.Crew
dress: Plastic Island
tights: Forever 21
bag: Balenciaga
flats: Miu Miu (similar)

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  1. Cute! I love the scarf under the belt look!!

    Does the new Alice wear white shoes?! The Disney Alice wears black shoes.

  2. I'm afraid to wear many things to work but sometimes i do it, just to see the look on ppl's faces.

  3. I wore bright purple tights to work today and someone asked me if I was going to a party! Seriously people! haha
    I love that skirt and it looks great with both color tights. And of course I'm LOVING those shoes :)

  4. I like the bright blue tights too but I don't know that I would wear it to work either (too chicken). And I don't see the resemblance to Alice, your outfit is much more sophisticated :)

  5. I love the belted scarf look! It looks real good. I think I would prefer the darker tights for work too.

  6. Hmm...I'm not seeing the Alice thing either, but maybe I am missing something.

    I haven't tried layering tights yet, but I did just discover sweater tights. Wow, they are truly amazing. I actually find myself wanting it to get cold again so I can wear them (it's been in the mid - high 30s here the last few days which feels like a heat wave to me).

    I tried to do the long scarf thing in the same way that you style it last week, and the comment I got from a coworker was "the scarf is bigger than you."

    Oh well, at least I was warm.

  7. that cold?! oh deer. but you look great with bright blue ones! oh well perhaps next time? yes!

    i love the belted scarf and the skirt! it's so pretty!

  8. Those gray tights match the whole look of the outfit better than the blue ones. I'm still too chicken to go for noticeable colored tights. You wear them so well! =)

  9. Well now that you mention it, definitely Alice in Wonderland! Although I personally prefer the gray tights look, I understand the brighter color as well.....and I am too chicken to wear them to work too! hehe

  10. Love the left one. I'm boring. :) No Alice for me. Don't know what this guy is talking about. :)

  11. I love this look! The bow flats are the perfect girly touch and I love how you rock your scarves!

  12. I like this outfit..don't see the resemblance to Alice but I wish I could rock bright tights...but I kinda fear the attention.

  13. i love this belted scarf look and those bright blue tights are awesome!!

    cute and little
    come check out the color brigade!

  14. I never thought of layering tights before! Not only are you fashion forward, you also have some great practical tips :) I love the belted scarf look on you - gorgeous!

  15. love the bows on your flats! and the blue tights are SO cute! :D

  16. The belted scarf looks fantastic on you...I've tried it before, but I never can make it look right. I may be printing out this picture to hang on my mirror as a morning tutorial for a future outfit :)

  17. I heart Alice in Wonderland! And i didn't realize you were wearing a dress. I thought it was a skirt.
    lol, I'm too chicken to wear colorful tights at work too. For my blogs it's okay, but I still have this fear that my co workers will throw me weird looks.

  18. @Michelle - You know, I have no idea. Adding that movie to my to-watch list.

    @I am Khatu - Haha, that sounds like a good blog entry (if you ever run out of things to talk about).

    @Lilly - So brave! Definitely show us a pic sometime.

    @Elle - You're too kind, Elle :) Notice I added the "according to a guy" reference, hehe.

    @JenlovesBal - Makes it look like I'm wearing a completely different top, doesn't it? I like this look too!

    @littlenashua - Yes! Count me in as another lover for sweater/ribbed tights. Truly amazing. Do post a picture of your scarf look (unless somehow I missed it on your blog?) and let the bloggers be the judge. Somehow I have a feeling your coworker was wrong :)

    @patty - I get cold easily, so I jump at the chance to wear as many layers as I can, hehe.

    @Stylepint - I beg to differ, Jess. You're rocking the green tights!

    @Callandra - First one to agree with my coworker. I think the rest of us have no imagination :)

    @Vicky - Either he's delusional or the rest of us have no imagination :)

    @Lisa - respect the shoes, @kileen, @Rosy, @archives - Thank you!

    @Jarucha - I say, never say never until you give it a shot. Try keeping the rest of your outfit neutral and let the bright tights shine.

    @SewPetiteGal - D'oh! Should've credited Vicky for the layering tights trick. I first noticed it on her blog a few weeks back.

    @Tara - There's no right or wrong way. Definitely give it another shot!

    @Lisa - Yes, I've accomplished my goal then! There's only so many ways to wear a dress, so I figured the next best thing is to make it look like I'm wearing something completely different on top.

  19. I like the left one:) The tights look way better!

  20. i get cold too but only in the office. elsewhere, it's just really hot where i'm from ;) still loving the belted scarves!


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