30 for 30: Oh glorious day

by - Friday, February 18, 2011

As luck would have it, I chose the perfect day to take off from work... because I can't get enough of this 70 degree weather!! No bragging about how this is the norm from west coasters, ok? :) You betcha I spent most of the day outside, soaking up the sun and getting my tan on. I'm already dark enough, but with this weather, who wants to spend it indoors?! Perhaps Punxsutawney Phil is right after all, spring can't come soon enough!

top: Gap
belt: Old Navy
flats: Miu Miu (similar)

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  1. Totally jealous, as this Californian is bummed about all this dreadful rain. Great playing hooky day outfit!

  2. Great look! Those flats are so precious!

    So glad you had such nice weather on your day off!! Do you get Monday off, as well?

    We are supposed to get about an inch of rain tomorrow, which is a lot for Vegas! Excited to stay home, clean, and listen to the rain! :)

  3. i love this outfit! you always have the best bags and flats and i love the pop of color from the green belt. so glad you were able to enjoy the sun!

    cute and little

  4. ok 1. i love how your outfit is all grey neutrals but you really brought a pop of color with the belt!

    and 2. omg i die over your grey bal and super cute bow miu miu's!

  5. Love your scarf belt. The color the texture is just great.

  6. Great outfit, it reminds me of a dressy version of a tennis outfit...classic prep! =)

  7. I normally don't notice bags, but your Balenciaga is just catching my eye today! It's so perfect with your whole outfit and I love that grey-ish color. Ever since I got my orange coat, now I want a nice bag to go with it too (probably not a good thing, since we're all on a budget this year)

  8. i want designer flats! i'm sick of buying shitty flats that just fall apart hah. you look fabulous!


  9. I live on the East coast so we saw 70 degrees yesterday too! I'm not too jealous of the weather you see over there (ok maybe just a little). I love the way you tied the sweater on your shoulders. My shoulders are too broad for my frame so it doesn't look as effortless as you do!

  10. Congrats for the nice weather you absolutely have to get some sun girl and this outfit is just perfect for going out hope you will get a lot of sunny days :)

  11. Lucky! It was only 50ish around where I live. Your outfit looks like its ready for spring!! :)

  12. Jealous of the warmth and your tan legs. Mine are the color of... ok. they have no color :(

    SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOO jealous of your bag. I've been wanting a balenciaga forEVER.

  13. DROOL over your bag!!

    Yeah Winter came back with a vengeance for me! I don't ever want to leave my bed!

  14. @Simply Bubblelicious - Sorry to hear about the rain. I would still love to have the year-round 70 degree weather though!

    @Michelle - Nope, no holiday on Monday for me. But at least I still had a 3 day weekend :)

    @kileen - Hehe, two of my weaknesses are that apparent, huh :)

    @lisa, @olyvia, @curls-and-pearls - Thanks :) I really should photograph the Bal more often in sunlight. She looks so much better than indoors.

    @Victoria, @katou - Thank you!

    @Stylepint - Haha, yes! When I draped the sweater over my shoulders I thought to myself, hmm... perhaps a bit too country club-ish. But I like the preppy look, so it's ok.

    @Francesca - Definitely give them a try. I have to say my comfiest pair of flats are from Target for less than $20. But designer flats are just adorable.

    @Banhannas - Oops! Sorry for the confusion. I'm on the east coast too, around DC, so a few states above you. I'm dreading the cold front already.

    @JenlovesBal - I am SO READY for spring it's not even funny :)

    @kimmie - I'll trade you my tan for your gorgeous hair :)

  15. I love how casual and cute your outfit looks. Those flats are adorable. I have been into buying flats lately because I know I will be wearing them more often than heels.

  16. ahhhh, I miss the sun. sooooooo jealous. how is the house hunting going?

  17. What a fun casual outfit! You look so chic yet comfy and cool!

  18. @Nelah - Glad to hear you're a flats converter! The ones you've bought recently are absolutely adorable.

    @Lisa - House hunting hasn't really been happening, lol. But I happened to come across an open house last night so we went to check it out today. Priced alright, quite spacious, but there is a huge electrical tower in the backyard, literally less than 100 feet away. It might just be a mental thing, but that's a dealbreaker =/

    @Lisa - respect the shoes - Thanks Lisa!

  19. I love this outfit...we had 70 degree weather on Friday, too, and I brought out the bare legs for a couple of hours, just because I am so beyond tired of tights. My legs were just a touch (or maybe a little more than a touch) too blindingly white for such a thing, but I couldn't resist.

    Love the green belt with this outfit, and the sweater around the shoulders. So fantastic :)

  20. Ohh this makes me want spring NOW! Lol. I adore your flats and your divine bag. Is your belt a men's tie? If so, that is so creative! I love it either way. Great pop of color.

    i love the stripes and the skirt and the preppy sweater around the shoulders. plus that tie belt? I LIKE IT A LOT. i feel so bad for having missed so much of your remix! this is me catching up :D

  22. This makes me want to get out of Ohio. It's just so cold here.
    My Heart Blogged

  23. Cute outfit and love your bag!


  24. you are soo cute!! i love your striped top, belt and shoes!! wasn't the weather soo nice last weekend... and then now it's cold again, boo!!


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