30 for 30: What's in a name?

by - Friday, February 04, 2011

I was leaving a comment for Kristen when I noticed someone else named Cee left her a comment, which so happened to be right before mine, lol. What are the chances?!

Have you wondered what kind of name is Cee? Well, it's the phonetic sound of the letter "C." My name is really Christine, but as a child I would hastily scribble notes to my parents signed "-C" because I was always in a hurry to go places. So if you're friends with both of us, feel free to call me whatever you want, Cee, Christine, bright day girl! Or if you're only friends with me, you can still call me whatever you want.

top: Abercrombie & Fitch
blazer: theory
pants: Express
bag: Chanel

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  1. You're doing great on the 30 for 30 and I love those pants! I had wondered about your name in the past, but I figured it was phonetic...very cute.

  2. i love your Amrita Singh necklace! the red really adds a pop of color and the design is lovely.

    and how coincidental that there's another blogger named Cee!

    cute and little

  3. I have to admit I got so confused when I got those two comments. You are the first (and only) Cee that I think of, and so it totally took me a minute to figure that out.

    Love love love the flats. And I leave notes signed "-K" all the time, but it's never caught on as a nickname.

  4. Love this outfit Cee. You have such cute clothes. And fabulous shoe and purse collection :)

  5. So chic! I love those Valentino flats...you know how to work them!

    I like Cee, I think I'll keep calling you Cee until you suggest otherwise. :)

  6. Your necklace is soo pretty! I need one just like it! It's great to learn your "real" name since there are so many people that use nicknames on their blogs. =)

  7. I love those Valentino flats on you. The bow detailing is really pretty! Ah it's nice to know your first name, mine is Jennifer. lol. :)

  8. I like Cee ~ it's so unique. I've always wondered what your actual name was so thanks for shedding light on that. And you wear blazers so well. I have one blazer sitting in my closet and I'll have to whip out one of these days and try and make it work. You're my daily cup of inspiration. Hope you have a fab weekend!

  9. You have a super fabulous way of making office casual look right off the rack at Ann Taylor Loft every day!

  10. I see that you're still continuing the hot streak of 30 for 30 ensembles ;) Love the preppy vibe of this one! I think I'll always think of you as "Cee" :)

  11. I love your preppy-chic style! I often wondered if Cee stood for something or if that was your actual name, so I'm glad you shared! I think I like calling you Cee:) When I was starting my blog, I was actually going to make my profile name CCE (for Caramel covered everything), so sort of similiar....haha!

  12. pretty shoes are pretty. you are so preppy! i love the look with the blazer.

    and are you in the bathroom? i love it! i wish i had that much space in my bathroom to take photos :)

  13. I was always wondering what kind of name Cee was! It's weird to think it's not your real name. haha!

  14. OK, you have the most fantastic ballet flats collection - I am jealous! I think Cee is a cool nickname - unlike the folks who call mee Leesy instead of Lisa! I mean, it doesn't save them any time, why not call me by my name?! ;o)

  15. i really love this outfit! especially the pop of red. you look great!


  16. I've never known/seen/heard another "Cee" even though it's "C" :P . Loving this outfit, I don't think you'll have any problem with this challenge!

  17. @Callandra - I took a chance on these pants and bought them online, without having ever tried it on. Scary but crossed my fingers and it worked out perfectly.

    @kileen, @mk, @Carolyn - Thank you :)

    @Kristen - Haha, at first I thought I had clicked "submit" twice, but then I realized that wasn't my picture showing up!

    @Lilly - Accessories are my weakness :P

    @Elle - It's hard to think of someone under another name once you've gotten used to one. Totally understand!

    @Stylepint - Definitely keep your eyes out for Amrita Singh sales on Gilt, Hautelook, etc. I believe Sydney found a similar one recently.

    @JenlovesBal - I first knew you as J, then Jen, then Jennifer :) It's ok to call you any of those, right?

    @Lisa - Glad I can be of inspiration with the blazers, cuz you know you inspire me to wear more dresses!

    @Ramsey - Thanks :) I'm super lucky to work in a casual office environment.

    @SewPetiteGal - You will let me know when my streak ends, right? :)

    @olyvia - Hehe, you'll always be Olyvia to me, with the unique spelling :)

    @patty - Haha, yes, I take pics at my work bathroom. Only had one lady walk in on me so far. Not too embarrassing because she didn't say a word.

    @kimmie - I've got way too many nicknames. Guess that's what happens when Christine is 9 letters long!

    @Lisa - respect the shoes - Hi Leesy! Ok that'll be the only time I call you that :P That's definitely a first I've heard people trying to shorten Lisa.

    @KohLepe - Will try to keep it up!

    @curls-and-pearls - Don't jinx me :D It's only the first week!

  18. Oh Cee..you just always look great! And are those flats comfy? My TB's are killing my feet :(

  19. @Really Petite - I'm so sorry to hear that Annie :( Mine are pretty comfy, given that I'm still breaking them in. No blisters though.

  20. your work bathroom is pretty then! ours is noooooowhere this nice :D


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