30 for 30: Double duty

by - Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is the strap on CoCo (don't judge :D it's a new nickname for the Chanel, thanks to Elle) too short to wear cross-body? Ideally the bag should hit around the hip area? I've seen celebs wearing it this way, but I'm guessing they have a jumbo. Darn medium size! And no, this is not a good reason to get a jumbo :)

Not that I'm really thinking of buying a new bag, but does anyone have recommendations for a cute cross-body bag? I do like look of the Marc Jacobs Single. I'm not really a fan of the Rebecca Minkoff MAC though.

jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch
necklace: H&M (currently sold in stores)
top: H&M - gift from Elle
pants: Express
bag: Chanel

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  1. I really like your use of scarfs :) It always adds a nice touch to the outfit.
    I've no good recommendations for a bag...I got mine on ebay, it's not a designer bag but I really like it.

  2. oooo i love that scarf! and yes i think that the straps are too short to use across the body, though i do love the bag!

  3. I sooo love that scarf - it looks so good with every single outfit! I do think that Coco's straps may be a bit too short for a crossbody look.

    As for crossbody recos - I LOVE my LV Pochette Bosphore. It's technically from the men's collection but I love that it has minimal vachetta, has super comfortable straps, and holds all my essentials nicely. I've also seen people rock the LV Bloomsbury but I'm not sure how you feel about Monogram or Damier.

    I just saw on Jen's Bal site that a reader wears her Bal Town crossbody and it looked really good! I'm going to investigate that one myself :)

  4. Yes, definitely too short for crossbody. Although Chanel does make another bag like the one you have that is thinner (like a combo wallet/purse) that has long chain straps that are PERFECT for crossbody wear (that's how I usually wear it) AND you can double up the strap and wear it as a shoulder bag for something fancier AND you can tuck the the straps completely into the purse and use it as a clutch. I also use it as my wallet that I throw in the diaper bag since it has credit card slots and a place for cash.


  5. I seriously want your scarf! LOL

    I'm going to check out those Valentino flats...so cute

  6. Hhhmmm...I like your outfit, but I agree that I wouldn't wear that bag as a cross body since it's just a tad short. I have a couple of cross body bags but they aren't designer, just something to get me through 'till I come across "the one" Lol!!

  7. Yeah...does not work as a cross body.

    Gorgeous scarf!

    No great cross-body bag suggestions...still have not found mine yet. :)

  8. haha I am so flattered I was involved in the Chanel naming process. My only cross body bag is my Chanel WOC's...but you can't carry anything in them so I don't know if that's helpful to you!

    And I love your outfit! I sound like a broken record but you are totally the type of dresser that would catch my attention if I see you on the street. According to my bf I have a tendency to start trailing girls wearing cute outfits just to get a better look. (creepy, right...totally unintentional though. :) )

  9. I am a little jealous of CoCo, I'm not going to lie. But yes, the straps are a bit too short for the crossbody look.

  10. haha I know you are on a shopping ban, but I think you can accepts small gifts? :) I got size 6's and those fit on my ring finger but are too tight on my middle finger (once I put it on my ring finger it's stuck so I had to use soap and lotion to wiggle out of it...it was painful).

    My ring finger is ~1.9 in and my middle finger is ~2.1 in so I think the size 6 will accommodate a 2in finger best.

  11. i love the way you're wearing this scarf. how creative! and i think this purse is a bit too short for a cross-body, but it's so awesome worn just off the shoulder on one side. this is definitely the purse i've been lusting after for months now. :)

    cute and little

  12. Loving the denim- it really adds to the effortless chic outfit!

  13. I think the straps might be a tad too short. However, I love this outfit. You always look so cute.

  14. this scarf is quite popular eh? fyi, i contacted the seller. I see that they have the exact same one in blue for sale right now. but the blue is a bit off. If it had been navy, I would have bought it already, but I'm hoping to hear back from them for the black one you own.

    yes, coco is too short to wear across the body.

    have you considered "the bf" crossbody bag from RM? my roommate owns it and it's soooooo cute!! she found hers @ nordstrom rack for only $100.

  15. Yes.. it's a little too short. I love the scarf!

  16. I agree with you and everyone else - too short for a crossbody! I'm still looking for a dressier cross body as well, so let me know when you find one!

    Great outfit - oh and like ELle I unknowingly stalk girls too! I always say to my husband "ooh I really like that purse (or whatever item I'm admiring)" and I don't realize I've spoken outloud until he says "do you you want me to steal it from her?" LOL

  17. I do agree it's too short. I recommend the WOC lol! It doesn't hold very much though so maybe the MJ single is better.

    I also love your scarf and just ordered it on ebay. Thank you so much for the seller link! Unlike Aubrey I actually loved the non-navy blue. Hope to wear it with my H&M blue knit blazer : )

  18. The only crossbody purses I can think of are the coach styles ones. http://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=206418611&&pid=uid3824-1590232-75 They might be too small for your taste since I usually see medium to large sized bags on ya. Honestly, I think anything with a long strap can work as a cross body. I have a coach swingpack that I sometimes wear around my waist and I don't think it's supposed to be worn that way LOL. Oh wells. Heehee!

  19. I like the Marc Jacobs one you linked. The color goes with anything. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's today w. your loved ones. xx

  20. loveeeeee your flats. they are just fabulous! xo

  21. I agree with the other gals, Cee, you're always a pro with the scarves and cute flats. I definitely need more scarved in my life!

  22. @Lilly, @Callandra - Ahh, I've come across as a bag snob, haven't I? :P In truth it's only the last year or two. But I still love my non-designer bags as much as my designer ones. So if you have any recs, feel free to share, I don't discriminate :)

    @Leena, @Michelle, @Tara, @Mama Marshmallow, @kimmie - Darn. Thought so, but it's good to hear my thoughts reaffirmed.

    @SewPetiteGal - I don't know how I feel about monogram or damier either because I know nothing about LV! But thanks for the recs, I'll be sure to check them out :)

    @Petite Mom - It sounds like the WOC? Coincidentally Jean just wrote up a post about it. I do love the versatility but not the Chanel price tag. Darn Chanel and their price hikes!

    @Really Petite - Hehe, everyone seems to be wanting one! Check out what I wrote to Aubrey from this previous post.

    @Elle - Lol! It's only creepy when hearing you describe it. I'm sure in real life the girls are flattered to be stalked.

    About the ring, you are making it so hard for me to resist!!! But I will be strong and stick to my ban :) Thank you so much though!

    @kileen - I'm going to be my mean self and enable you with more Chanel pictures :D

    @potpie du monde, @cryskay - Thanks :)

    @AubreyOhDang! - Got your email. Crossing my fingers that you'll snatch up the scarf :)

    The RM bf is cute but there's too much hardware for my liking. Don't think I can pull it off!

    Re the gingham shirt, blue is not safe at all. It goes with everything. Navy was actually my first choice, but my brother beat me to it. I didn't want to accidentally show up at family functions wearing the same outfit as him, lol.

    @curls-and-pearls - Haha! I'm sure the girls are flattered to hear you say that. Maybe not your husband's comment though, lol.

    @PetiteAsianGirl - I enabled you too?! Yay :) Hope you like it and can't wait to see you wearing it.

    @Banhannas - I'm trying to picture the swingpack around your waist and I can't. Pictures please! Thanks for the Coach recs, will definitely check them out :)

    @Lisa - I was thinking a beige crossbody because I already have a gray bag. But grays are my weakness. We'll see!

    @Lisa - respect the shoes - Nope, still an amateur learning different ways to tie scarves :) Sometimes I've gotten so used to wearing them that when I don't, I feel naked, lol.

  23. you own a chanel or rather a coco?! i'm dead. yeah i guess it's a little too short but it's a chanel so who cares?! lol

    love the scarf and the denims/khaki combo! you're really making me want to buy these two pieces after the remix!)


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