Wishlist: Miu Miu 2010 Resort Collection heels

by - Thursday, April 29, 2010
I'm dying over these amazing heels from Miu Miu's 2010 Resort Collection. I'm a huge fan of draping on clothes and have never seen anything like it on shoes before. And the green color with the jewels = perfect for spring and summer.
I knew that they would cost an arm and a leg, but I just had to ask... in case it ever goes on sale then it'd be all mine. Unfortunately after asking an SA in Miu Miu Hawaii, I was told they were made exclusively for the resort line and not for sale. *cricket*cricket*SOBS* I guess it's not meant to be...

*All images courtesy of Miu Miu

Bridal shower pretty

by - Monday, April 26, 2010
A good girlfriend of mine is getting married next month and you know what that means... an onslaught of pre-wedding activities between now and then! First up, the bridal shower. I wanted to wear something pretty, something girly if you will because I don't get the chance to dress up very often :)

I tested out the outfit at home (left). On the actual day of the shower, the weather called for only a high in the low 60s, so I paired the outfit with semi-opaque tights and necklaces so I didn't look too gloomy for such a festive event :P Actual pic from the shower (right).
cardigan: Old Navy
top: bebe; Old Navy (currently sold here)
skirt: Ann Taylor
necklace: Banana Republic, J.Crew
tights: American Eagle

Pink eyelet

by - Wednesday, April 21, 2010
I'm a bit self conscious when wearing strapless clothes because I'm skinny and petite. It just... makes my boniness stick out more, if that makes any sense haha. So given that, I usually like to cover up with a cardigan or jacket. This outfit though, just wouldn't look right with something to cover it up. Off I went, baring my shoulders!

top: Abercrombie & Fitch
necklace: Banana Republic
jeans: Hollister

Preppy girl

by - Friday, April 09, 2010
Spring time is here! No matter what I wear, I'm the ultimate preppy girl at heart. Bright colors, flip flops, jeans, and a polo (collars flipped down for me :P) would make up my go-to outfit whenever I can't find anything to wear.
top: Abercrombie & Fitch
tank: Old Navy (currently sold here)
bag: Coach
jeans: Hollister

J.Crew silk bouquet sash - part 2

by - Monday, April 05, 2010
To continue with better pictures of J.Crew's silk bouquet sash (see part 1 here) with the rest of my outfit in more of a neutral palette:
cardigan: Old Navy
top: Express
necklace: Banana Republic
jeans: Hollister
shoes: Miu Miu (similar)

Monochromatic black

by - Thursday, April 01, 2010
There's something about all black that's just so chic. Being someone who loves to wear color, an all black outfit isn't usually something I'd go for. But when the right occasion comes along or I just don't have time to mix and match colors together, voila, all black is the way to go :)

necklace: Merona
cardigan: Old Navy
tank: Old Navy (currently sold here)
belt: Express
pants: Express

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