Haul: Banana Republic and Hollister

by - Thursday, July 29, 2010
I took advantage of BR's 40% off + free shipping and Hollister's free shipping on $75+ (still going on right now) from last week. My packages actually came on Tuesday but I didn't have time to pick it up until today.

First up, Banana Republic Faux wrap skirt in black, size 0
Oh wow, you have no idea how disappointed I was after trying it on. It looked great on the model on BR's website, but on me... what is with the pleating/ruching in the front?!!? It looks like the model's was completely smoothed out by Photoshop. I actually ordered both size 0 and 0 petite. I expected the 0 petite to fit as I'm usually the smallest possible size anywhere. But to my surprise (and happiness?) the 0P was a bit tight. In the picture above I'm wearing the size 0. Alas, both of these are going back to the store. If you're interested though, it's still being sold on BR's site.

Next up, Hollister Laguna Skinny Wrecked jeans in Dark Destroy, size 1
Another case of mis-representation!? I guess this one I should've expected the ripped areas to be different on every pair. But the one I received was so... holey! There's no way I can get away with wearing a pair this ripped to work :P Back to the store we go. Sigh! (Still being sold on Hollister's site)

And lastly, Hollister Embellished Flip Flops in dark brown
Finally, an item that looked like the website's image! haha I usually wear a US size 6, and based on Hollister's shoe sizing chart, that translates to an XS. But US size 7's are also an XS. I think it may look a bit big on me =/ The polka dot straps are adjustable but I still feel like the gap in the back might be a bit too large... I wonder if that'll cause me to trip. I'm going to sleep on this and see if I still want to keep it. Buy them for yourself here.

Can't-think-of-another-name for another work attire

by - Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another day in the corporate 9-to-5 world. I actually look like I have hips in this outfit :O

cardigan: Old Navy
tank: Old Navy (currently sold here)
necklace: Banana Republic
sash/belt: J.Crew
bracelet: Brian Nagourney (currently sold here)
skirt: Express
bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Another Monday outfit

by - Monday, July 19, 2010

Ahhh Mondays :(

top: Hollister
necklace: Etsy
bag: Rebecca Minkoff
belt/sash: Anthropologie
skirt: Old Navy

Sporty casualness

by - Sunday, July 18, 2010
Another weekend look in the hot and humid east coast. Thank goodness I also wore a 3/4-sleeve top as it was absolutely freezing indoors everywhere. Brrr!

tops: Esprit, Gap
shorts: American Eagle
belt: J.Crew (currently sold here)
bracelet: disney couture (currently sold here)
bag: Rebecca Minkoff

LeSportsac Deluxe Every Girl Tote in primrose

by - Friday, July 16, 2010
I wanted a tote that's roomy enough for day or weekend trips. It's gotta be girly too, but that goes without saying :P I didn't know much about the LeSportsac line, only that it seemed kinda expensive. But their patterns are so cute, much like Vera Bradley's. I first saw this LeSportsac Deluxe Every Girl Tote on Piperlime for $98 but couldn't put up with the price. So I waited and waited... and it finally paid off when practically every store was on sale during the holiday season, so I snatched it up for $57.99 + another extra 20% off. Woohoo! (It's still currently sold at Piperlime for $57.99) It's the perfect size, so roomy and with a zip on top. It has pockets in the front and even came with a makeup pouch. I can't wait to start using it! Now it's just a matter of planning trips... hmmm :)

Nike Musique dance shoes

by - Thursday, July 15, 2010
I'll be the first to say that I'm an adidas fan, so that makes me anti-Nike hehe. But with most things, it's too hard to not like anything they release. This pair of Nike Musique dance shoes are from a few seasons ago and may have been their first version (I believe they're actually up to version IV now). Technically they're supposed to be dance shoes, but I'm not a dancer, so I use them for everyday shoes when I want to dress down. Perfect colors, perfect style!
doesn't this look like a photograph? :) minus the watermark of course

Vera Bradley Small Bow Cosmetic in pinwheel pink

by - Wednesday, July 14, 2010
I was looking for a pencil case/small cosmetic case to put toiletries in when traveling. Vera Bradley immediately came to mind because of their pretty patterns. I actually really loved their jasmine line, but it's sold out and most of the ones sold on eBay are used =/ But I saw this pinwheel pink pattern when browsing online and couldn't resist. The bow at the end is so cute! Perfect size for traveling :)

adidas Vanquish 3 W running shoes

by - Tuesday, July 13, 2010
My last pair of running/work out shoes lasted me 10 years hahaha. It was so worn down that the bottom was completely smooth, a thumb-sized hole on the left shoe, and so easily slipped on that I didn't have to tie the laces anymore. Oh, the last pair also happened to be adidas :) When I happened upon these adidas Vanquish 3 W running shoes on sale for $29.99 at Sports Authority over July 4th weekend, I debated myself for about a min. I'm not usually one for impulse buys, but I do need a new pair of running shoes... well, because I've promised myself to start working out/running again on a regular basis... sometime soon hopefully :)

They were certainly comfortable, and like all adidas running shoes, I had to size a half size up. No biggie though. It wasn't until after I bought these and came home that I realized I already own a pair of adidas tennis shoes (from many years back) that had the same similar colors! D'oh! Oh well, they're pretty colors :)

A touch of paisley

by - Monday, July 12, 2010
I dug out another old piece from my closet during the move. This Abercrombie skirt is from their Ezra Fitch line from longgg ago. Does anyone remember that!? It was Ruehl-priced (and look what happened to that store). I got it on sale and it's a bit tight, but still stretchy at the same time. When I stand up though, the skirt has a tendency to slide up... and that slit in the front? Let's just say I have to do a lot of tugging haha.

top: Hollister
necklace: J.Crew
skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
bag: Balenciaga
belt/sash: Anthropologie

Stripes and... ruffles again?

by - Saturday, July 10, 2010
When a clothing is new, I like to wear it often, hence another post with my stephanie b ruffle cardigan :) Wearing it multiple times doesn't mean each outfit is all that different from the previous' though haha :P

top: stephanie b
belt: J.Crew (currently sold here)
necklaces: Etsy and Banana Republic
skirt: Express
bag: Balenciaga

Hump day

by - Wednesday, July 07, 2010
Happy hump day! Another work day, another work outfit :) Not much to talk about here as I've used many pieces in the past with other outfits.

top: Hollister
necklace: J.Crew
bag: Balenciaga
pants: Express
sash/belt: J.Crew
flats: Miu Miu (similar)

Look for less: Robert Rodriguez Twist Knot Skirt -> Express Knotted Mesh Mini Skirt

by - Sunday, July 04, 2010
left: Robert Rodriguez's Twist Knot Skirt
right:  Express's Knotted Mesh Mini skirt

Happy 4th of July! Today's look for less features Robert Rodriguez's Twist Knot Skirt (which is no longer sold in stores =/) and Express's Knotted Mesh Mini skirt (currently selling for $49.90). I first saw RR's version on a fashion forum and fell in love. But by then, it must've been towards the end of the season because I could no longer find my size online. Express just came out with their Knotted Mesh Mini skirt, so I'm leaning towards grabbing it before it's sold out! The only thing I'm not sure of is the black color -- the knotted detail doesn't show up as well. I'm definitely going to look for this next time I'm in stores though :)

Lazy weekend look

by - Saturday, July 03, 2010
A lazy weekend outfit with a touch of girliness is what I wore today. At first I wore the Merona necklace as a bracelet and topped it off with a bow. But after awhile, the layers that I wrapped around my hand started to get uneven... so it started to look a bit awkward. So much for me trying to be creative :P
tank: Old Navy (currently sold here)
belt: J.Crew
skirt: abercrombie
bracelet: Merona necklace

Look for less: Lanvin Amalia quilted bag -> Forever 21 Audrey leatherette bag

by - Friday, July 02, 2010
I have a thing for quilted bags. This Lanvin Amalia quilted bag is classic with a twist of girliness, which I absolutely love :) The price tag though... not so much :( They range from $2000 - $3000 depending on the size (GM sold here, MM sold here).

When browsing through my usual sites today, look what I saw at Forever 21: their version of the Lanvin Amalia which they called the Audrey Leatherette bag, at a much affordable $22.80. But... it just doesn't look as luxurious, for lack of better word haha. I know, I know, that's such an obvious thing to say. I'm more partial to Lanvin's black over Forever 21's brown. Buy it online here!

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