Sunday, March 28, 2010

disney couture Princess Wrap Bracelet

Kidada designed a series of wrap leather bracelets for Disney Couture. Each contained different charms for different princesses. The one I loved and finally bought was the general princess one, with charms of feathers, bows, roses, glass slippers, etc. Soo cute!!
The leather isn't white as I initially thought -- more like there's a hint of blue. The gold charms were a nice contrast. I haven't had a chance to wear it out and about yet, but it looks easy enough to wear (unlike the Gara Danielle Heart Rope Bracelet :P). Simply tie the ends into a knot, no need to worry about closing lobster clasps. This is espeically nice because I have small wrists, so I can adjust to fit my needs.
I bought it on sale at ideeli about a month ago for $49, but it's still being sold elsewhere on the web! Boutique to You, 80's Purple, just to name a few.

*disney couture images courtesy of ideeli


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