Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coach Poppy Ponytail Scarf

I haven't looked twice at Coach products in a long time. It just felt like the brand is going in a different direction than where it's been in the past. Either that or my tastes have evolved as I've grown up :) So I was surprised to find myself lusting after this Coach Poppy Ponytail Scarf this past winter. The color I fell hard for was in red, but when I tried to buy it at the store, I was told it's sold only in Japan! I will admit I kind of felt like I settled when I bought the purple version. But nonetheless, the design is still the same, so it's good enough.
I've only been tying it around my bags to give it a pop of color so far because it's too short to wear as a sash around my waist! D'oh! It's all good though... I'm sure over time I'l figure out many ways to wear it. Such as actually tying it on my ponytail as the name states :P
with Balenciaga city (lighting looks a bit fluorescent)


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