iPod shuffle = my iShuffle

by - Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I'm probably the only person left on earth who doesn't own an iPod, hahaha. But that's changed since I won an iPod shuffle (which I like to refer to as the iShuffle :P) from my company. I was 1 of 25 chosen from a random drawing for referring candidates to jobs :O That's a double bonus because I've never won anything in my life!

I wasn't too thrilled about the silver because it's so... neutral. That's probably the reason why they were chosen :) I thought about exchanging it at the Apple store, but there wasn't a color I really wanted and who knows if I can even exchange without a receipt. So, I kept my silver iShuffle. Is it crazy that it took me 15 minutes to open and take it out?! For such a small box and deceptively simple design, there were a ton of tape keeping it in place.
Next up was moving songs onto my iShuffle. I can readily admit I felt like such a dino and needed to read the instruction manual to figure out how to use the thing and sync it up with iTunes :P So after fiddling around with iTunes for half an hour, I finally was able to import about 50 songs in. And voila, I could hear music! Hooray! I guess I'm just not really a music person, but I found the whole setting up your playlist, organizing songs, etc. to be such a chore. It's definitely an easy-to-use product once you figure out how to work it. That's not much of a surprise because it is an Apple product after all! One gripe I will mention is that the control on the earbud is situated too high for me. I wish there's a way to move it lower. I suppose it's something I'll get used to, so no biggie.

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