disney couture Princess Wrap Bracelet

by - Sunday, March 28, 2010
Kidada designed a series of wrap leather bracelets for Disney Couture. Each contained different charms for different princesses. The one I loved and finally bought was the general princess one, with charms of feathers, bows, roses, glass slippers, etc. Soo cute!!
The leather isn't white as I initially thought -- more like there's a hint of blue. The gold charms were a nice contrast. I haven't had a chance to wear it out and about yet, but it looks easy enough to wear (unlike the Gara Danielle Heart Rope Bracelet :P). Simply tie the ends into a knot, no need to worry about closing lobster clasps. This is espeically nice because I have small wrists, so I can adjust to fit my needs.
I bought it on sale at ideeli about a month ago for $49, but it's still being sold elsewhere on the web! Boutique to You, 80's Purple, Regencies.com just to name a few.

*disney couture images courtesy of ideeli

Carlos by Carlos Santana Trust

by - Saturday, March 27, 2010
My first pair of high heels (3+ inches) ever are these Carlos by Carlos Santana Trust shoes. (I believe Guess actually came out with something similar a couple years back). What drew me to these shoes were the criss crossing straps and the heart charm -- it's that extra touch of girly-ness that I loved :P

To date, after having owned and worn many pairs of heels, I have to say this pair is by far the most comfortable. Kinda surprising I know, given the height. Sometimes I feel like I can almost run in them!

I also like how the silver isn't one-dimensional. The python-like print gives it a nice texture. I don't know if you can tell from the left image, but the heel is actually a shiny metallic silver. I hardly noticed when I bought the shoes, but over time, I wonder if it's a bit too much. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.

Modeling pic:
dress: BCBG
bag: Express

Denim + cargos

by - Thursday, March 25, 2010
I love scarves. I probably have 4-5 fashion scarves and one real one that keeps me warm :) Today I paired a denim jacket with cargo pants. Denim on top plus denim on the bottom just seems a bit too much to me, even if they are different shades, hence the khaki-colored bottom. Add in a pop of green in the scarf and my trusty Balenciaga and that completes the outfit!
scarf: Esprit
jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch
top: Old Navy
belt: Old Navy
pants: Hollister

J.Crew silk bouquet sash

by - Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Another J.Crew sash post :D This time it's their silk bouquet sash in grey mist. I received it as a Christmas present and haven't had a chance to wear it much until now. Unlike the rosette sash, the straps are pretty thin on this one. It can definitely be worn as a belt around the waist, but I thought it'd be better utilized as a statement necklace.

cardigan: Old Navy
necklace: Banana Republic
top: Express

The black version is currently on sale right now on jcrew.com for $25!

Coach Poppy Ponytail Scarf

by - Tuesday, March 23, 2010
I haven't looked twice at Coach products in a long time. It just felt like the brand is going in a different direction than where it's been in the past. Either that or my tastes have evolved as I've grown up :) So I was surprised to find myself lusting after this Coach Poppy Ponytail Scarf this past winter. The color I fell hard for was in red, but when I tried to buy it at the store, I was told it's sold only in Japan! I will admit I kind of felt like I settled when I bought the purple version. But nonetheless, the design is still the same, so it's good enough.
I've only been tying it around my bags to give it a pop of color so far because it's too short to wear as a sash around my waist! D'oh! It's all good though... I'm sure over time I'l figure out many ways to wear it. Such as actually tying it on my ponytail as the name states :P
with Balenciaga city (lighting looks a bit fluorescent)

Rebecca Minkoff No Strings Attached clutch

by - Monday, March 22, 2010
Rebecca Minkoff's No Strings Attached clutch in whitewash/gold is actually what I could consider my first designer bag -- even though it's actually a clutch. It's a bit on the oversized side, but I loved the subtly wrinkled leather against the gold. As with all Rebecca Minkoff leathers, this one is divine. The inside lining (no pictures, sorry) is a black and white paisley print, with two inner pockets to hold various things. The best thing about this clutch it the size. I could fit so much of my stuff. If I had to guesstimate, probably almost twice as much the amount that goes into my Jenny Yuen cleo. The downside is that it does not come with a strap, so it's strictly hand-held or tucked in the crook of my arm. I've actually used it a couple times with semi-formal outfits (I think it's too casual to be paired with a formal dress though). A couple modeling pics coming up -- notice how big the clutch is on me!
cardigan: Gap
top: Express (left); Hollister (right)
jeans: Hollister
shorts: American Eagle

Look for less: Carolina Bucci Friendship Bracelet -> Gara Danielle Heart Rope Bracelet

by - Sunday, March 21, 2010
I loved the twin hearts on the charm hanging from this Gara Danielle heart rope bracelet (left image). I thought the red threading with gold was a nice touch as well. And we can't forget the gold tassels (I don't need to say again how much I love tassels :P) Off I went to do my research on this bracelet, trying to see if any stores were selling it for cheaper. Lo and behold, I saw that this is a copy of Carolina Bucci's friendship bracelet (right image)! Of the two, I liked the charm on Gara Danielle's better but Carolina Bucci's just looks so much more... bendable (for lack of a better word). Doesn't Gara Danielle's look a bit stiff?

And boy was I right when Gara Danielle's finally went on sale and I was able to snatch it up for < $30. The bracelet is as stiff as a board! That makes it so hard to put on by myself. I have to use one hand to wrap it around my wrist and somehow manage to hook the bracelet together!? I once spent 15 minutes trying to put it on by myself, and finally just put it back on my dresser out of frustration. Sad to say, I haven't been wearing this bracelet a whole lot. Thank goodness I didn't buy it at full retail! But it photographs so well, don't you think? ;)

*Gara Danielle image courtesy of shopbop
*Carolina Bucci image courtesy of London Evening Standard

Look for less: Lanvin ribbon necklace -> Merona ribbon necklace

by - Saturday, March 20, 2010
Bear with me, here goes another pearls post :) This time, imagine pearls stranded together with a ribbon. Doesn't that just seem ultra feminine to you? Behold Sarah Michelle Prinze (nee Geller) in Lanvin's ribbon necklace *swoons*
For a couple hundred dollars, that necklace could be yours. But... for under $20, Target's Merona's necklace is shorter, black in color, but also multiple times cheaper!
I promptly went to my local Target and picked up this necklace as soon I laid my eyes on it. It's not long like Lanvin's, but long enough so it doesn't look like you're wearing a choker. It's pretty heavy and everytime I wear it, I have to make sure that the knot in the back is tied nice and secure. Definitely one of my best buys!
cardigan: Old Navy
top: Express

*Sarah Michelle Gellar images courtesy of FabSugar
*Merona image courtesy of Target

J.Crew Rosette Sash

by - Friday, March 19, 2010
Flowers and rosettes have been pretty popular these past couple of seasons. I actually started out looking for a chain/belt of some sort to accessorize with my black Express dress (which I felt looked a tad too plain on its own). Everything I saw was either too gaudy or too casual... until I stumbled across this J.Crew rosette sash on eBay. It went great with my dress, almost as if it came with it ;)
dress: Express
shoes: J.Crew

I've also been wearing it more casually, as a belt with jeans for an everyday look. I had to wrap it around my waist twice because it's so long, and then simply tucked and wrapped the ends with one another.

Alternative Apparel pima wrap

by - Thursday, March 18, 2010
I love my Alternative Apparel pima wrap in the color dirt (how appropos, huh? :P) It's thin enough for spring/summer days and warm enough in the fall.

First way of wearing it (pictured left), it actually sort of "looks" like a wrap :) I simply hooked the ends through the side belt loops, and voila! Second way (pictured right), simply let it hang open like a cardigan. There you have it, two different ways of wearing a versatile wrap.
belt: Abercrombie & Fitch
tank: Old Navy
pants: Hollister
shoes: Mossimo

Brian Nagourney Pearl Bracelet

by - Tuesday, March 16, 2010
It's probably the "old lady" in me, but I've always loved pearls. To me, they are ultimate classic piece -- something every girl should have, whether it be a necklace, bracelet, earring, anything really! I fell in love with this Brian Nagourney piece because it has just enough of a casual vibe to be worn everyday without having to look polised. It's difficult for me to wear bracelets to work because I sit in front of a computer all day. Definitely do not want to drive my coworkers crazy with all the clanging of jewels against my desk, and absolutely do not want to damage my bracelets either. I compromise by trying to wear them as often as I can on weekends :)
The bracelet is actually quite easy to take on and off and I never have to worry about pulling the knot too hard. Big plus! Still being sold on couture candy right now!

Rain rain go away

by - Monday, March 15, 2010
A whole weekend full of gloomy, dreary, lazy days finally comes to an end. We're exepcting sunshine and in the 60s the rest of the week. Woohoo! What got me through the last couple of days:

jacket: Esprit
jeans: Hollister
boots: Burberry (currently sold here)

Jenny Yuen Cleo clutch

by - Saturday, March 13, 2010
I discovered Jenny Yuen through my research of Rebecca Minkoff. Many people owned bags from both brands and had nothing but great things to say about Jenny Yuen. I bought the Cleo clutch in metallic rose off eBay for a heavy discount because there was a nick on the strap. This color is absolutely gorgeous -- and my go-to bag for when I just need to carry a couple things.

iPod shuffle = my iShuffle

by - Tuesday, March 09, 2010
I'm probably the only person left on earth who doesn't own an iPod, hahaha. But that's changed since I won an iPod shuffle (which I like to refer to as the iShuffle :P) from my company. I was 1 of 25 chosen from a random drawing for referring candidates to jobs :O That's a double bonus because I've never won anything in my life!
I wasn't too thrilled about the silver because it's so... neutral. That's probably the reason why they were chosen :) I thought about exchanging it at the Apple store, but there wasn't a color I really wanted and who knows if I can even exchange without a receipt. So, I kept my silver iShuffle. Is it crazy that it took me 15 minutes to open and take it out?! For such a small box and deceptively simple design, there were a ton of tape keeping it in place.
Next up was moving songs onto my iShuffle. I can readily admit I felt like such a dino and needed to read the instruction manual to figure out how to use the thing and sync it up with iTunes :P So after fiddling around with iTunes for half an hour, I finally was able to import about 50 songs in. And voila, I could hear music! Hooray! I guess I'm just not really a music person, but I found the whole setting up your playlist, organizing songs, etc. to be such a chore. It's definitely an easy-to-use product once you figure out how to work it. That's not much of a surprise because it is an Apple product after all! One gripe I will mention is that the control on the earbud is situated too high for me. I wish there's a way to move it lower. I suppose it's something I'll get used to, so no biggie.

Staying warm

by - Monday, March 01, 2010
Snow has pretty much all melted but spring just isn't quite here yet. Trying to stay warm on a windy day.

jacket: American Eagle
scarf: American Eagle
bag: Balenciaga
jeans: Hollister
shoes: Ugg

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