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by - Sunday, February 28, 2010

I actually first saw these Burberry rainboots last spring, but they sold out so quickly that I had no time to contemplate whether I should make the splurge or not. I guess they sold so well that to my delight, Burberry decided to re-release them again this spring! In the year since though, Hunters exploded onto the scene (at least to me :P), so now I had a dilemma... Hunters or Burberrys?! Hunters were cheaper, taller in height, and according to a lot of people, the true rainboots maker. Burberry had the pattern that I love -- it doesn't scream Burberry like their famous plaid pattern, but subtle enough for my liking.

I figured I will go to the stores and try them both on, walk around, and see which one looks better on me. Just as when I made up my mind though, I saw Bloomingdale's online shoe promotion for these Burberrys at $50 off! So I ended up buying both the Burberrys and Hunters because I knew no matter how much I love the Burberrys, I needed to give Hunters a shot or I will always wonder about the what if.

Kudos to Bloomingdale's fast shipping because both boots came within a week, even in the midst of the east coast snowstorm :) To my surprise, both boots fit my calves just fine. I had read that the circumference at the opening is ~15" which was a bit tight for people with larger calves. I always thought I had large calves according to one of my roomates in college -_- so I was a little worried about this. The Hunters were taller in height, so they were actually quite a bit harder to pull on and off. I literally had to sit down and tug them off, whereas the Burberrys slipped right in and out (of course I was wearing skinny jeans). I did, and still do, like the height of the Hunters, but the Burberrys were just so easy to wear and so light that they were the ones I decided to keep :)

One thing I have to mention after wearing these around for practically all of last week, the boots are more sheer than I thought. I like to wear funky patterend knee-high (wellie) socks from J.Crew underneath my jeans, and for the ones that are bright (ie: hot pink toes), they show through the boots! It's not a deal breaker, I suppose, but enough that I'd want to warn people about. I will just be more conscious of selecting my darker socks to wear with these boots :P Ok, enough rambling and onto pictures!
the truest depiction of the color, in my opinion:
Buy them right now at Burberry.com!

*Stock image courtesy of bloomingdale's

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