Balenciaga City bag

by - Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Balenciaga City bag in galet, from the 2009 F/W main collection is my current love :P (This season's sold here) The city is probably the most recognizable style from Balenciaga and hardly ever goes on sale. It's the perfect size for everyday and for work. The best part about Bal's motorcycle line is the wide range of colors released every season. The timing of galet couldn't have been more perfect as I'm finally realizing that grey is the perfect neutral. I will admit that the previous season's argent caught my eye, but it was a tad too light and I was afraid of denim transfers.

It's hard to judge the size of bags based on online measurements, so I took a trip down to my local Neiman Marcus and was surprised at how small the city was. Now that I think about it though, they definitely stuffed their bags to the max, so that probably contributed to the diminishing size. Nevertheless, when the galet color popped up in the city, I snatched it up so quickly and didn't have time to second guess myself on the size. I figured I don't carry that much normally anyway and so many people deem it the perfect size, it should work for me, right? Yeah yeah, that's a huge leap of faith I took for so much money :D

When it arrived though, I instantly fell in love with the leather -- how soft and silky it felt to the touch, the color -- a true medium grey, and best of all, the size -- perfect just like everyone said :P Some pictures right out of the box:

I've had the bag for a little over 6 months now and try to carry it everyday if I could (but only when there's good weather!). I've noticed a softening in the leather (which is to be expected, as Bal leather only gets better over time) which means the bag just slouches even better :) I certainly don't baby my bags but also don't put them on the ground either, and I haven't noticed much wear and tear. It's holding up beautifully <3
top: Abercrombie & Fitch
shorts: American Eagle
belt: Old Navy

*Stock image courtesy of Luxe Voute

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  1. *Gush* I have much love for your Balenciaga. just curious, how much did it cost? I'm thinking of getting my very own after seeing it on you :-)

  2. DROOL.

    I was just admiring this bag on your latest post, and wondering how those little handles fit over your shoulder. I've rarely seen this bag carried w/ its shoulder strap, but I like it much better!



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