Wishlist: Valentino Fairy Tale sandals

by - Monday, May 24, 2010
I almost about fainted when I first glimpsed these Valentino Fairy tale sandals (left). How can anyone not think this is like a piece of art!? Just look at them!! From the intricate detailing of the flowers to the lace-up back which looks like a corset. Everytime I see this pair of shoes, I have to wipe my mouth clean of drool :P

For a whopping $1,250 you can call these your own :) Currently selling at any of the high-end department stores and on their websites.

Don't you think Nine West's Denya sort of remind you of them? The corseted back is pretty much the same, there are flowers in the front, albeit much less on the Nine West version. Sure the color's different, but this might be as close to a cheaper lookalike as there is out right now. Hmm... decisions, decisions. Maybe I will have to pull the trigger on the Nine West version...

Ivory crystal pearls necklace from Etsy

by - Wednesday, May 19, 2010
I fell in love with this pearl cluster necklace from Merona (sold by Target), which coincidentally is a lookalike for a more expensive J.Crew version.
left: J.Crew; right: Merona

But as usual, I'm months (maybe years) behind on trends :P So after searching high and low for anything similar, I finally stumbled across MarlaJDesign's Etsy shop where she was selling this gorgeous necklace (bottom left). Looks pretty similar, right? I was so excited to order it, but when I received it, I was a bit disappointed in how it looked on me.
Notice how it sort of all hangs together near the bottom? I was hoping it would be more spread out like her Etsy photo or J.Crew or Merona's version. Nonetheless, it's still a gorgeous piece of jewelry and I love how all the pearls make this tinkling sound when I walk :)

Casually colorful

by - Saturday, May 01, 2010
Another spring-like day before summer is upon us and I have to put away all my long sleeves. I like pairing short sleeve tops over thin long sleeves (in this case it's actually a 3/4 sleeve white top, not sure if you can tell) for a sporty-casual look. Add a plaid scarf to complete the look!

scarf: American Eagle
top: Esprit, Gap
jeans: Hollister

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