Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ivory crystal pearls necklace from Etsy

I fell in love with this pearl cluster necklace from Merona (sold by Target), which coincidentally is a lookalike for a more expensive J.Crew version.
left: J.Crew; right: Merona

But as usual, I'm months (maybe years) behind on trends :P So after searching high and low for anything similar, I finally stumbled across MarlaJDesign's Etsy shop where she was selling this gorgeous necklace (bottom left). Looks pretty similar, right? I was so excited to order it, but when I received it, I was a bit disappointed in how it looked on me.
Notice how it sort of all hangs together near the bottom? I was hoping it would be more spread out like her Etsy photo or J.Crew or Merona's version. Nonetheless, it's still a gorgeous piece of jewelry and I love how all the pearls make this tinkling sound when I walk :)


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