Rebecca Minkoff Black Basketweave MAM bag

by - Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rebecca Minkoff's Black Basketweave Morning After Mini (MAM) bag was my true first "designer" bag. Up until then, I had been carrying around a brown nylon agnes b tote and decided I want a black bag because brown just doesn't go that well with everything ;)

I saw so many leather all black bags but always felt they were on the plain side. That is, until I stumbled across a picture of Lindsay Lohan with her Rebecca Minkoff BBW Morning After bag :O The basketweave detailing just adds that extra sumthin' that had been missing in my search. The bright blue zipper track sure does add a pop of color as well. As with most cases, by the time I find something I truly liked, they are no longer in production :(

But no worries, my scouring finally paid off when I finally found one on eBay a couple weeks later in the MAM size. I'm pretty petite and based on the dimensions, felt the MA was bigger than what I'd like, so I was glad I got my hands on the smaller version. I believe this is a recut of the original (as Rebecca Minkoff often does special orders) because the blue zipper track isn't as bright as the original. I was a bit disappointed, but it's something I can live with :) Just look at the gorgeous pebbled leather and the tassels! (I heart tassles if you couldn't tell already :P)

The leather is so wonderfully smooshy and thick --- one of the reasons why I'm never afraid of carrying it out in inclement weather. I find the drop to be long enough where I can swing it over my shoulder pretty easily, with or without bulky clothing. As much as my Bal city is my current love, I still feel immense joy when I take this bag out. Afterall, you never forget your first love :)
cardigan: Old Navy
top: bebe
skirt: Ann Taylor

*Lindsay Lohan image courtesy of The Purse Forum

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  1. I'm after this exact bag, and seem to have found it even later than you. :) Here's hoping I will have your luck in finding it..

  2. Thanks for all the pics. I love this bag!

    Ainsley: I just saw one on


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