Look for less: Robert Rodriguez Twist Knot Skirt -> Express Knotted Mesh Mini Skirt

by - Sunday, July 04, 2010

left: Robert Rodriguez's Twist Knot Skirt
right:  Express's Knotted Mesh Mini skirt

Happy 4th of July! Today's look for less features Robert Rodriguez's Twist Knot Skirt (which is no longer sold in stores =/) and Express's Knotted Mesh Mini skirt (currently selling for $49.90). I first saw RR's version on a fashion forum and fell in love. But by then, it must've been towards the end of the season because I could no longer find my size online. Express just came out with their Knotted Mesh Mini skirt, so I'm leaning towards grabbing it before it's sold out! The only thing I'm not sure of is the black color -- the knotted detail doesn't show up as well. I'm definitely going to look for this next time I'm in stores though :)

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