Haul: Banana Republic and Hollister

by - Thursday, July 29, 2010

I took advantage of BR's 40% off + free shipping and Hollister's free shipping on $75+ (still going on right now) from last week. My packages actually came on Tuesday but I didn't have time to pick it up until today.

First up, Banana Republic Faux wrap skirt in black, size 0

Oh wow, you have no idea how disappointed I was after trying it on. It looked great on the model on BR's website, but on me... what is with the pleating/ruching in the front?!!? It looks like the model's was completely smoothed out by Photoshop. I actually ordered both size 0 and 0 petite. I expected the 0 petite to fit as I'm usually the smallest possible size anywhere. But to my surprise (and happiness?) the 0P was a bit tight. In the picture above I'm wearing the size 0. Alas, both of these are going back to the store. If you're interested though, it's still being sold on BR's site.

Next up, Hollister Laguna Skinny Wrecked jeans in Dark Destroy, size 1
Another case of mis-representation!? I guess this one I should've expected the ripped areas to be different on every pair. But the one I received was so... holey! There's no way I can get away with wearing a pair this ripped to work :P Back to the store we go. Sigh! (Still being sold on Hollister's site)

And lastly, Hollister Embellished Flip Flops in dark brown
Finally, an item that looked like the website's image! haha I usually wear a US size 6, and based on Hollister's shoe sizing chart, that translates to an XS. But US size 7's are also an XS. I think it may look a bit big on me =/ The polka dot straps are adjustable but I still feel like the gap in the back might be a bit too large... I wonder if that'll cause me to trip. I'm going to sleep on this and see if I still want to keep it. Buy them for yourself here.

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