30 for 30: Fit to be tied

by - Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yet another post where I experiment with this scarf (see previous looks). I initially wanted to save this look to wear with a dress because it feels dressier and more mature to me. But I thought a scarf tied this way shows off the top's lacy sleeves perfectly. What do you think, works for my age (20s) or save it for another 10+ years down the road?

top: H&M - gift from Elle
pants: Express
bag: Chanel

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  1. Yet another way to wear this versatile scarf of yours. Your post is reminding me that the seller has ignored my offer for the 3rd time lol..I wonder if it's because they're still on Chinese New Year vacation?

  2. @PetiteAsianGirl - What?! That's crazy! How much did you offer for? I had my bf eBay for me. I'm pretty sure the first he submitted was $8. Then literally one sec later, he got a rejection notice. He said he's never seen anyone respond that fast before, lol. Then he upped the second offer to $8.50 and was accepted pretty immediately. I wonder if Aubrey was able to buy hers? Maybe you could send the eBay seller a note to see if they're still on vacation. I hope you get it sorted it out though.

  3. Oooh I like this way! It makes the black top look really special and dressed up. I love your creativity with this scarf, Cee!

  4. I think you can wear it now AND in 10 years! Your figure is cute enough that people will know you're young, so no need to worry about that! So cute! Not sure if I mentioned this in a previous comment or not, but I think your blog is great and I added it to my "Blogs I Love" list :)


  5. I have really underestimate the power of accessories, that scarf really dresses up an outfit! Nice choice in the khaki pants, it really compliments the colors in your scarf. =0D

  6. You really have the most amazing ideas when it comes to using scarfs as an accessory. I would've never thought about wearing it this way but it looks so nice and classy.
    And I LOVE your new blog layout Cee!

  7. @Kristen, @Erin, @Lilly - Thanks for the nice positive feedback! I will definitley keep on wearing the scarf this way, until I'm old and gray :)

    @Banhannas - I know, right? Accessories have seriously become my bff. I don't know how I used to live without them!

  8. You can seriously do no wrong with your outfits - this is such a beautiful look on you! I love that scarf and bought one so I can channel my inner Cee (probably won't post though bc it might be too weird) :)

  9. Hollllyyyyyyy Molyyyyyyyyyyyy you are so dang creative with your scarf! And you've used it so many different ways, whoa that scarf is a great investment, it's probably already paid for itself. I say it works 4 your age, makes you look ala sophisticated. p/s r you watching the oscars today?

  10. You always have the BEST ways to tie your scarves and sashes. I really need to take notes.

    And did I ever tell you that I'm going to come over one day and steal all your bags? I'm so jealousssssss.

  11. DEFINITELY works for your age. I love it and will be trying it myself. Bravo!

  12. You are the scarf wearing and styling queen!! Love it....has the scarf held up well for you? I'm curious...

  13. hahhahaha, Jean cracks me up. I don't know why she's having so many issues. I'm tellin' you, Jean, they probably don't like your offer!

    I didn't have any probs b/c somehow the black scarf was around $7, vs the blue scarf (Jean wants) is around $9. I say you just gotta buy it at the price they posted. which I say is not fair b/c they're exactly the same, just diff colors, but it is what it is.

    Also, when I wrote to them, they responded immediately. No way they'd still be on vacay.

    How about this Jean? I will contact them & see what's up. Will tweet you.

  14. Love the way you tied that scarf. I always have a tough time.

  15. i think the way you wear it is so timeless and classy!

  16. I love the many different ways you wear that scarf! Definitely not to old for your age!

  17. @SewPetiteGal - Hehe, do post!! One can never have enough ideas to tie a scarf.

    @Lisa - I'm running out of creative scarf-tying juices! Thanks for the feedback; I'll continue to wear the scarf this way :)

    Yep, I watched the Oscars, on and off mainly. I tuned in to watch the red carpet and for James Franco. I'm a HUGE fan of his (just look at the guy!) But the whole time he was on screen, bf kept making fun of his "perverted" look, where his eyes are squintier than I remembered, but then he also looks out the corner of his eye to whoever he's talking to, while nodding his head. Oh god, I can't describe it. All I know is I just about died laughing at bf's imitation. I want the James Franco of Spiderman back!

    @Marcy, @Carolyn - Thanks girls!

    @kimmie - Haha, no stealing! But sharing is a-okay :)

    @Sara K.S. Hanks - Thanks for the feedback! Let me know how it goes for you :)

    @Really Petite - Yup, scarf has held up pretty well. Edges are still in tact. I couldn't be happier with spending $8.50 on it, lol.

    @AubreyOhDang! - Lol, now I'm really curious to know what Jean offered. Lowball? SewPetiteGal had no problem purchasing hers either, so there's something about Jean that rubs the sellers the wrong way. Kidding :)

    @Simply Bubblelicious - It took me a couple tries to get the placement just right. Check out this site and their tutorials for a step-by-step guide. I've used it many times myself!

  18. Very interesting idea! I like what you did there to show off the lace shoulders...it is a bit mature looking though but I am not sure why.

    I LOVE your new layout...:) hehe makes me want to revamp mine as it is looking messy again.

    p.s. I think you should try 00P or XXSP at AT. I think it fits about the same as LOFT but there is a lot of inconsistency as well so proceed with caution. :)

  19. This is a very striking look! So chic and does look mature, but that's a good thing when you're young? :P


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