30 for 30: Mismatch

by - Friday, February 25, 2011

Blogs need a dislike button, because this outfit warrants it. Even with seven more outfits to go, I know this will be my least favorite. But since I wore it, up on the web it goes. In hindsight, there is just too much going on. Casual mixed in with sparkly mixed in with rainboots?! To my defense, it was raining today, so the boots were needed. I'd probably let the sash go for a simpler look. How do you think I can improve?

necklace: Cara Accessories
tee: H&M
sash: J.Crew
pants: LOFT

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  1. While it's not one of favorite of your outfits I still really like it. I agree, maybe just lose th sash and it would work better? I'm no expert though!

  2. You're so silly ;)........I think it's cute....and it's functional. I actually like the sash, I think it adds visual interest. It may be a simple outfit, but I like it!

  3. I don't think it's possible for you to look bad! I like it! To improve, I think I'd either take off the sash or swap the boots for flats.

  4. I don't think it looks bad either and I'm being honest. Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is fun. And I like that the whole outfit looks whimsical and playful.

  5. You may hate it but I love it! Assuming that you would not have worn boots if not a rainy day or whatever, it looks wonderful IMO.

  6. I think this outfit is really cute! But maybe it could lose the sash. Otherwise, it's really cute :)

    I'm drooling over your bag collection and wardrobe.

  7. I LOVE your 30 for 30 challenge. Finally got the change to follow you via google connect. I've had your blog bookmarked on my iPhone but never got around to actually finding it via laptop internet. =]

    Thank you SO much for sharing your scarf find. I've been totally lusting over it and couldn't figure out where to find a similar style.

    Totally loving the cluster necklace and blazer in this outfit. Not to mention Rebecca Minkoff MAB. You are such an enabler. =P Got me going crazy for the scarf and MAB.

    <3 S.

  8. I think you could have done without the sash but I don't think its bad at all...you're too hard on yourself...

  9. if i saw you walking down the street, i'd say that girl looks stylish, not wow she's mismatched! :)

  10. Just found your blog on Callandra's "Petite Early Morning Style" blog role. Love your style! As a matter of fact, love it so much that I added you to MY blogrole!


  11. Hum..I actually love the sash!!! It's adds so much character!!!! You can't go wrong with anything you wear Cee....:D

  12. @curls-and-pearls, @SewPetiteGal - Thanks for the feedback. Will be giving that a shot!

    @Callandra, @Lisa, @Curvy Petite, @kimmie, @Leena, @Really Petite - Aww, thanks :) I really appreciate your honest thoughts.

    @serenadeveryday - I honestly didn't expect all the questions about my scarf, so when I saw it sold out on eBay, I didn't bother with the links. Lots of other girls have also bought it, so I'm glad to be of help!

    @Jarucha - I think we're all our own's worst critic. But that's how we learn and improve, right?

    @Erin - Thanks so much, Erin. I'm off to check out your site.

  13. Aw, I like the outfit...I don't think it seems too busy. I am loving the rain boots, too, and I'm counting the days until the challenge is up so I can start planning some outfits with mine thrown in the mix. Might be the first time I've ever actually hoped for rain in my life :)

    This Life, Redefined…stop by and say hi!

  14. I like this outfit! The only thing I can say is that I like the white shirt tucked in better. I don't think it is too clashy at all, I like the grey that is in your boots matched with your blazer. Plus, everyone can use a little sparkle in their outfit if it is a rainy day!

  15. I like the sash, I'd keep it. But maybe swap the boots out? I actually really like the top. And don't be silly girl, it's not possible for you to look bad! :)

  16. I actually like this outfit too. I don't think it's too busy at all. You can just swap out the boots for some flats at the office.

    Hehehe...do you take pics at your work bathroom?


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