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by - Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm jumping on the LOFT order bandwagon =) Instead of buying from the sale rack like many bloggers, I went ahead and used the 30% off (still going on!) on regular-priced items and bought a bunch of pants.

The first pair is LOFT's Black Modern Skinny Pants in black, size 24 (00). The model looks so wonderfully skinny and tall in them, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I do like how it practically molds to me, the material is quite stretchy and comfy. Since it fell under their denim category (even though it doesn't feel like regular denim?), I'm thinking it'll probably stretch out over time? Or do you guys think I should go a size up? Since it's the regular size, the length is a bit long on me, but I don't mind tucking the hem under (as shown in the side view). Retails for $69.50, but with 30% off = $48.65. If I keep/exchange this pair though, the H&M black pants will have to go back. Decisions, decisions!

I also got the LOFT Modern Skinny Leg Jeans in poinsettia wash, size 24 P (00 P). Wow, these were too tight on me, especially compared to the fit on the model. The petite length is perfect, but I'd probably have to go up 1-2 sizes to be comfortable. If you like your jeans tight, or if you're smaller than me, this pair would be a good bet. I'm still surprised that these jeans fit almost perfectly! Yay to no longer needing to shop at kiddie stores (yes, I'm talking about you Hollister) for jeans, haha! Retails for $59.50, but with 30% off = $41.65.

The last pair is the LOFT Modern Slim Leg Jeans in sage wash, size 24 (00). The fit is more comfortable than the previous pair, possibly because this one isn't a petite size. I really like the light distressing in certain parts of the pants. The length is always an issue when I wear regular sized clothing, but it's nothing tucking in the hem won't solve. I'm thinking of keeping this pair, but wondering how the 24 P (too tight?) or 25 P (just perfect?) would fit. Retails for $69.50, with 30% off = $48.65.

Because I have a weakness for scarves -_- (and accessories in general), I also got the LOFT Lurex Plaid Scarf in lunar grey. It looked gorgeous online, but in person, I felt it was too shiny and not colorful enough. The herbal brown color was sold out when I placed my order, but I'm thinking of exchanging for it if I can find it in stores. Retails for $34.50, with 30% off = $24.15.

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  1. I like the first and last pairs! The scarf is very cool too, it reminds me of Burberry!! :) I haven't purchaed from the Loft before but I do like some of the pieces that petite bloggers have reviewed.

    I also like Abercrombie Kids jeans.. they fit so wonderfully on us petite gals. Some other brands for skinny petite jeans I like but pricier are Siwy and 7FAM.

  2. oooh pretty scarves! I really like all the pants on you they seem to fit you really well. Try on the larger sizes for comparison. As long as you're comfortable in them!

  3. I like the black jeans and the slim leg jeans on you! Do they make the black ones in petite sizing?

  4. @jlovesBal - I can't pull up abercrombie kids jeans! I think my waist is too big. Abercrombie doesn't fit me well either, but Hollister does. Kinda odd since they're pretty much the same store!

    @curls-and-pearls, @SewPetiteGal - Yes they all come in petite sizing! They were sold out online, but I plan on going into the stores soon to try size 25P on. I'll report back on how they fit =)

  5. Jeans look terrific on you and I especially love how the last pair looks on you (so jealous that you are tall enough to wear regular). Though with all the jeans on sale at my LOFT store (and in small sizes too!) I don't know if I am willing to pay for LOFT jeans at only 30% off. Then again I don't look as great in them as you do. :)

    And I prefer the LOFT black pants to the H&M ones...the H&M looks sort of stiff but the price is more reasonable.

  6. these LOFT jeans look wonderful on you and definitely make you look super skinny! the jeans in the last set of pics are my faves. :)


  7. @Elle - I know, $50 is still expensive! But it's so rare to actually find jeans that fit so well everywhere, I'm willing to splurge =D Do you think the length of the 2nd pair is too short? I have a feeling the 3rd pair in 25P will fit great, but the length will be shorter?

    @kileen - Thank you! I really like the fit/look/everything of the last pair too!

  8. My fav is the last pair for sure! You look pretty good in the other two too, but my only gripe is that the length of the 2nd pair feels a bit short... I'd be afraid to see what they look like after a few washes.

  9. I love the last pair! I think they all actually look great on you, but if they are uncomfy you won't want to wear them much.

  10. I think the black jeans look great on you! The last pair of jeans look great as well however, it looks a tad bit weird near the ankles? Like it poofs out and then it goes back in for some odd reason.
    I'm a huge sucker for scarves too! Too bad you didn't like the scarf but hopefully you will find the brown one in stores!

  11. @PetiteXXS - The length is my biggest fear too =/

    @TinyInTexas - I agree, and that's what's making this decision even harder. None of them are perfect, but they're all pretty darn good haha.

    @Banhannas - I think the ankle bunching (?) is due to the longer length. It looks ok from the side view, but the profile is kinda weird. I should try tucking the hem in, that should make it look better.

  12. You look great in all of those jeans. I especially like the black ones on you.

  13. very helpful. the second pair looks great. My favorite are Gap legging jeans, old navy rockstars, hollister and abercombie.


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