Smooth like fine cognac

by - Monday, November 01, 2010

I decided to keep these Old Navy boots after practicing putting them on a few times. I've figured out standing up and wedging my feet in was the way to go. *happy dance* They are so lightweight and comfortable to walk in, though I was sitting behind a desk most of the day.

Sorry for all these pics of the theory blazer in practically every outfit post, but I thought it went well with the boots. I felt quite Ralph Lauren-esque today =)

sweater: Abercrombie & Fitch
blazer: theory
tank: Old Navy (currently sold here)
belt: Express
jeans: Hollister
bag: Chanel

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  1. Love the outfit especially the blazer. I would not mind seeing it in every post :)

  2. Oooh! I really like the layering you did in this outfit. It's getting colder and colder here so I'm definitely going to have to copy this one ;)

  3. This is a cute outfit esp for fall. I love that pop of color you did with the top underneath. :)

  4. love the boots and they look much more expensive than Old Navy! i'm loving the blazer look too especially with that pop of pink peeking through. super chic!


  5. I've been thinking about boots a lot... I've always wondered what to wear with brown/cognac boots... some are so gorgeous but I never know what they'd "match". Thanks for the outfit idea! :)

  6. I would have never known that those boots are from Old Navy! Glad to hear that they are comfortable...I am considering getting the pair. The jacket is an absolute classic I love it with the boots and the Chanel purse just tops it off!

  7. Those boots look so luxe! What a great find! And if I had a Theory blazer that looked so good, I'd wear it all the time too :) Like Kileen, I love that peek of pink.

  8. Looove cognac boots! I think they go with almost everything. Such a cute outfit!

  9. Oh my, I love love these boots! Recent buy? If so, I must run to the nearest ON!

    Thanks for sharing!


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  10. Seriously loving these boots- well actually loving this whole outfit!!!

    The Theory blazer is lovely!!! Enter my giveaway when you can:)

  11. Those boots are gorgeous I love them!


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