Weekend with my UGGs... or UGGlies?

by - Sunday, November 28, 2010

Today's outfit is another sash-related post once again inspired by Chole @ the chloe conspiracy. Hands down, she has got to be the queen of accessorizing!

I know Uggs are a no-no depending on who you ask, but they are just so darn comfy. I wear it most weekends (ok, sometimes for work too =P) because being practical is more important than looking good. All I'll say is, don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

necklace: Merona
tank: Old Navy (currently sold here)
sash: J.Crew
jeans: Hollister
boots: Ugg (currently sold here)

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  1. I'm guilty of wearing Uggs today! I wore them this morning to our city's Thanksgiving parade, and thank goodness I did because it was freezing.

    Great outfit btw. I'm a huge fan of drape cardigans. :)

  2. No lie, I gotta admit they are kinda comfortable and they really keep my feet toasty warm. =0P It looks really cute though since the rest of the ensemble is very feminine. Dark purple and light brown really compliment each other. =0D

  3. I love uggs (and ugg knock offs), I don't care if people think they are ugly, they are warm and super practical for when I have to walk a lot. Love how you wore the J. Crew sash, I just bought another one as a gift even though I still haven't figured out how to wear my first. :)

    Your outfit is like always, SO CUTE! I love the color combination.

  4. I like how you're wearing the sash a la Chloe!

    I have to admit I love Uggs too. I get mine in kids sizing (goes up to sizes big enough to fit a women's 7!) from a website called fleece footwear or something, which frequently sends out 10% or 15% off coupons.

  5. Just like you were inspired to wear a sash like Chloe, you inspired me to buy/wear a scarf like you :) Love how you first wore the sash like a scarf.

    I love UGG boots! They are super comfy and I think if you have either long legs or skinny legs, they look really good. I look a little squat in mine but I wear them anyway because they are so comfy and warm :)

  6. I do not own a pair but I have seen and heard a lot about them. I don't think they are ugly. As long as they provide comfort and warmth, I would buy them. You look comfy and cute.

  7. The sash looks so lovely!! I love how we all inspire each other with our fashion. Chloe is definitely the queen of accessorizing!

    And I think we're all guilty sometimes of choosing comfortable shoes over ones that look good. Practicality does sometimes win. :)


  8. I never used to be an UGG boots fan or one who would wear them but I have a pair and LOVE them! Wore them shopping for 12-13 hours and my feet were fine :) I think you look adorable in them!

  9. I used to think they were definitely Ugg-ly but once I tried them on, I immediately bought them in 2 colors :)

  10. hey, cute blog & love your style!
    i love uggs... ive got 4 pairs and think they look lovely!
    please follow me

  11. I used to loathe Uggs! Loathe them! But now I'm a convert that I cannot remove them from my feet during the weekends!


  12. I love my Uggs no matter what the haters my say :-) and I agree with you, being practical is better than looking good. although some may disagree :P


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