Express Tiered-Bottom Wool Trench Coat

by - Friday, November 12, 2010

I was bummed when I missed out on the $75 LOFT Melton Wool Military Coat about a week back, so when I heard about Express's 30% off outerwear sale (going on right now), I didn't want to pass up another chance to buy a long wool coat. I ended up getting the Express Tiered-Bottom Wool Trench Coat in camel, size XS for $109 after sale + coupon (currently sold here). It's no $75, but the price isn't bad for the quality. The coat is light on top and heavier on the bottom, probably due to the tiers, but I think it should get me through mid-Atlantic winters (as long as the blizzards stay far, far, away!). I first saw this exact coat on Elle and thought the tiered bottoms were really cute. If she could make a size XS work, I figured it should fit me too.

shoes: BCBGirls (currently sold here)

The picture below shows a better depiction of the camel color (don't know what's up with the funky lighting in the pics above). My only dilemma is that I already own a shorter peacoat from American Eagle that is almost the same exact shade! Should I keep this Express coat in camel or exchange it for a different color? I was thinking about ivory but wasn't keen on the black buttons. Maybe navy? But I have dark hair and often wear dark pants, so I'd look like one dark blob. Thoughts?

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  1. The coat seems to fit you well. I really like it but I am not sure if you should keep both since they are almost identical. I got the LOFT coat for $75.00 but I am not sure if I am going to keep it or not for the same reason. I have many dark shaded coats. I want to buy something that I don't have in my closet but it's hard to pass up the sales sometimes.

  2. I love that coat and surprisingly, it doesn't look too big even though you're petite. I'm wondering about the sleeve length though? They look a tad long (which always drives me insane) but it might not bother you at all. I do love that color btw.

  3. I like the camel color and LOVE the tiers. It looks so good on both you and Elle! I also like navy blue, but the camel color is so classic and I think the tiers might get lost in a dark color.

  4. I quite like it on you! It actually looks a lot better than it does on me since it's designed for someone taller. I almost got it in navy too but I have found the camel to be so versatile and everyone who's ever seen mine LOVED it. PLUS, we can be coat twins. :)

    ps pretty old post but I finally found what I was talking about:

  5. Oh this is so cute! I am shocked at how well it fits! I love the color and the ruffle detail on the bottom- so adorable!

  6. The coat is a great find and having two of the same thing can work since they are different styles. But if you don't think you'll wear both, pick the one you like more and return/sell/donate the other one. =)

  7. Oh! That's a tough question! The coat looks so cute on you...but you do have a similar color. I am all for anything navy...I don't think it would look "blobby" on you. My answer not helpful! :p

  8. ps I meant to add, you should reinforce the buttons since one of mine fell out after 1 or 2 wears (the others are loose so I had to request the service of my mom...who is only mildly better than I am at sewing). It's perfectly warm otherwise!

  9. i really love the trench coat on you! the camel color is really classy and a is a nice contrast if you wear dark pants. i think you should keep the trench as the style is different. but that's just my take. :)

  10. @PetiteLittleGirl - I'm still undecided haha. I think I'll have to sleep on this one.

    @Callandra - I'm not really petite in height, but consider myself petite b/c I'm skinny =P I didn't notice the sleeve length when trying it on, but looking at the pics, I see what you're talking about. It doesn't bother me, so this wouldn't be a deal breaker. The color could though!

    @SewPetiteGal - Hmm... good point about the tiers not potentially showing up as well on darker colors. This just makes the decision harder!

    @Elle - The reason I got the AE peacoat in camel is b/c of the color versatility too. I just love the color camel... but I wonder if it might be too much even for me ;)

    Re: LOFT top, thanks for the links, that jogged my memory. It does have similar draping as my LOVE 21 dress. Now I'm bummed I missed out on that too haha!

    @Really Petite - I was shocked myself too. I thought I had to go up to a size S. Tried on that first but found it too big and XS to be perfect!

    @Stylepint - Good points, and they are different enough... =D

    @Michelle - It's ok, I value your opinion. I'm feeling not very helpful myself either haha. Maybe I'll go back to the store and try on the navy.

  11. @Elle - Thanks for the heads up! Did you and your mom just go through it a few more times with thread? Or should I take it to the tailors for a more professional job?

    @kileen - Good point, the styles are different enough. That's more reason to keep it since I already love the color, right? ;)

  12. hi cee, i'm your newest follower! :) i love this jacket on you. it has been a really popular jacket and i see why!

  13. Hmm I think it's tough if you already have something so similar. I agree with Stylepint about picking your fav and return/sell the other. But if you think they're different enough to keep both, I guess it's not a bad price for a coat! :P

  14. Oh I love this coat and the fit on you is perfect. I really love this color. I think it's the best color of all. I hope you keep this coat, because it just fits so lovely on you. White can be good, but I think you have to try it on to know. It's a hard color to wear in the winter.


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