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by - Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lanvin hearts H&M = epic fail

No, the collaboration wasn't a fail, it was I who failed at getting any pieces. But really, I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up because my friends and I arrived at the DC store at 7:40 am, only a mere 20 minutes before the store opened! I remember thinking, "That's it? That's the line?!?! Woohoo, do I actually have a chance?!"

Pretty soon after we got in line, we were handed green bracelets (11 - 11:20 am shopping group). Given this, I'd estimate us to be between 180-200th in line. Wow, we were actually one of the first 320 people! But the excitement was short-lived and it all went downhill from here haha. Once the doors opened at 8 am, everyone rushed inside only to be kept out of the fenced section unless it's your group's turn to shop. The shopping section was tiny, there were seriously only about 10 items for each piece and they weren't restocking!

I know we hear stories about people buying up whatever they can get their hands on just to resell on eBay, but it was such a shock to witness. Ahh, the small cynic side of me won't stop saying "I told you so" haha. After watching the madness for awhile, we decided to just leave and come back later (since you didn't have to wait in line for the entire duration).

We came back around 10 am and pretty much the whole section was cleaned out. Nada, nothing left. There were still people standing around hoping for any leftovers from the changing rooms, but by now all the good stuff were gone. We chatted with a couple of the security guards and they guessed that by 9-9:30, everything was pretty much gone. We didn't even end up sticking around for our 11 am time slot and instead went next door to Zara lol.

Lesson learned from my first ever standing-in-line experience: I'm not cut out for this! I would guess that the only people who were able to get anything were in line by 5 am. Pieces are now up on eBay for 2-4x retail. Craaazy I say! What's even crazier is I'm contemplating getting the white side-ruffle skirt off eBay lol. Sigh, I should've realized how much I really wanted it before this morning.

Did you brave the cold for Lanvin hearts H&M? If so, was it worth it? What did you buy?

(Sadly I didn't take any pictures, but if/when my friends put theirs up, I'll update this post)

scarf: Banana Republic
coat: American Ealge
gloves: Old Navy
clutch: Rebecca Minkoff
belt: Express
jeans: Hollister
flats: Miu Miu (similar)

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  1. i was all pumped to go the week prior and had it all planned out. Come the day of, I decided against it. I'm pretty sure I would have encountered the same problem here. I checked ebay within hours of the store opening and the items were up already, crazy!

  2. Aww so sorry that the Lanvin / H&M shopping trip was a bust, but thanks for posting your experience! I saw on tPF that some people started waiting the evening before and were able to score some stuff but it didn't seem like many others did who started waiting in the morning.

    BTW - I LOVE your flats! Are they comfy? Also love the combination of camel with the fuchsia scarf! Did you ever wind up deciding what to do on the camel Express trench?

  3. Oh lady, I wish I looked like you in skinny jeans!

    Sorry about the H&M/Lanvin bust - I heard from my friends who went to Target when they launched the Liberty of London collaboration and it was crazy hearing about how these folks get to the store super-early and then mad dash to the racks and just grab whatever! Argh!

  4. Such a cute cold weather outfit! I love it.

    My friend wanted me to go, but I didn't feel like waiting in the cold. She waited with her bf since midnight and she was the 2nd in line. She wanted a dress to wear for birthday, and she got that plus more! lol. Pass for me though.

  5. Love your outfit today!

    I was ready to brave the cold and go but then ended up leaving two hours later than expected and the traffic was so congested I decided to just turn around. I am happy I didn't go through with it because I read on Racked that the store I wanted to hit was cleaned out pretty early by people who had been waiting from the day before. And the ebay prices are ridiculous...I can't bring myself to pay the 2x+ prices.

  6. Wow, what an experience!! Very interesting. Too bad about the white side ruffle skirt. I do that All The Time though. I realize how much I like something after the sale is over or the item is no longer availabe. I really like your shopping color combination ;)

  7. Wow I didn't realize it was that bad. The only time I've ever waited online for a store opening was for a mystery gift card giveaway to Ikea... waited for an hour but got $200 out of it so it wasn't a bad deal :) I hope after the hype dies down you'll be able to find what you want!

  8. Oh sorry it didn't work out for you! :(

    I did make the trek out...lined up suuuuper early. Not sure I'm ever going to do this again!

  9. I don't live near and H&M, so I never would have had the opportunity anyway, but honestly, I have never, ever waited in line for anything retail in my life. Props to H&M marketing for creating this lustful drive, it reminds me of the whole Cabbage Patch Kids phenomenon from my childhood. I never got one of those until the price dropped and they started being sold in discount department stores. I guess that solidified my take on the "must have" retail experience. I am way pretty cynical about it as well, but then I am a person who rarely shops anywhere other than the clearance rack (I figure everything is going to end up there eventually, why not just wait it out?)

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  11. I love this outfit! You always look so cute!!! The camel coat and pink scarf- totally adorable!!

    I am not surprised Lanvin was a bust..not a big fan:)

  12. Khatu - I can't say you missed much and in hindsight I probably would've rathered stayed home and slept in rather than for the experience ;)

    SewPetiteGal - I love my Miu Miu flats! They did take some time to break in because the back elastic kept rubbing my foot the wrong way and I got blisters. But once that period passed, they are so comfy. Definitely worth it if you can score them on sale!

    I went to LOFT yesterday to try on the Melton coat but it was all large sizes left! So yup, I'm going to keep my Express trench :)

    Lisa - This was my first time participating in the craziness and it'll probably be my last lol

    Jen - Lucky for your friend! Well, not really, she deserved it for standing in line since midnight! Would you mind asking her how she found the sizes? True to H&M or did she size up or down? I can't get over my obsession with the side-ruffled skirt :D

    Elle - I was refreshing your blog Sat night hoping for an update! I thought perhaps you were so tired from the waiting in line that rest was more important than blogging ;)

    Callandra - I think we should take psychology classes on how to avoid falling in the trap of wanting things after it's no longer available ;)

    PetiteXXS - Whoa, the Ikea wait was well worth it! And only for an hour too!

    The Backseat Stylers - I hope you got some good hauls! Waiting patiently for your reveals :D

    littlenashua - I need to adopt your philosophy on shopping :) I hope this is my one and only time that I waited in line for clothes though!

    VALENTINA - Thanks for the offer, but I haven't gotten sick of my current layout yet ;)

    Really Petite - Ahh, if only there were more people out there like you then I could've had a shot at getting something :P

  13. wow, how crazy. i can't believe all the hype around this Lanvin release.

    and i love your outfit above. i'm loving that pink scarf more and more every time i see it! :)

  14. that scarf is SO pretty with that color jacket!!


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