Haul: Ali Ro and Tadashi Shoji dresses

by - Sunday, November 07, 2010

I actually bought this Ali Ro Hammered Silk Drape dress in orchid bloom, size 0 over the summer from Gilt. I love clothes that drape... especially ones that have a grecian feel. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong century for I would've loved walking around in togas, haha. There was actually a top version of this dress but I couldn't find any in my size, so when I saw this I just had to have it. The orchid color is so feminine and spring-y, perfect for Easter, bridal showers, or even work.

Somehow the draping across the front got messed up when I put it on (sorry!) I think the fit is pretty good, don't think I'll need any alterations. The material is hammered silk, pebbly and nice to the touch. Now I can't wait until spring!

I fell in love with this Tadashi Shoji Hammered Silk Crepe Draped Halter gown in jelly apple, size 0, but what will I do with a long gown?! It's not like my social calendar is filled with black-tie events... In fact, this dress is going under the category of, "when an event arises, I won't be scrambling around finding the perfect outfit." So for the foreseeable future, this dress will stay in my closet. It seems like such a waste of money, I know. I guess time will tell how many wears I get out of this. My boyfriend also doesn't like it. He calls it the "Ghandi dress" in reference to monks in red robes lol -_-

On the runway model, the hem of the dress doesn't seem to be hitting the floor. On Jennifer Stone, the dress looks to be about an inch too long, but I'm sure that's done on purpose. Is there a correct length for evening gowns? How do girls stand getting the bottoms dirty when the hem hits the ground?
I'm standing flat footed (bottom left) and the dress does look too long. When I stand on my tippy toes (bottom right), it's probably a good representation of how it looks when I wear heels, it looks better. Should I even take the dress in to hem the length? The rest of the dress fit better than I expected, so I don't know if it's worth a trip to the tailors. Thoughts?
*Ali Ro image courtesy of Gilt
*Tadashi Shoji image courtesy of Elle
*Jennifer Stone image courtesy of coolspotters

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  1. I love the color and draping of the first one.

    The 2nd one is very pretty too. If it still drags with heels on, then it's probably better to hem it.

    I haven't bought dresses in a long time since I don't have many events to go to. I'm the one who is at the mall 2 hours before the event trying to find a dress that fits! lol!

    PS. I love browsing on Gilt, but I am also a huge hautelook fan.

  2. That first dress is so pretty, you are the perfect height for it. I rarely wear long dresses because they will often be too long to wear off the rack. I do think you should get the second dress hemmed...shouldn't cost too much to take it up a few inches, it's completely worth it!

  3. Wow- the first one is TO DIE FOR!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

    The color, the draping- the fit and cut on you is stunning!!!

  4. Those dresses are so gorgeous on you! I love the Tadashi Shoji one in particular! I think you might have to get it hemmed though to prevent snags and dirt - unless you wear some very high heels. How tall is tippy toes - 3-4 inches?

  5. Those dress are so soft, feminine and gorgeous. The first dress is so pretty and fits you nicely.

  6. that first dress is absolutely gorgeous!! i love the color, the draping -- everything!

    as for the second dress, i would say that if it still does hit the ground with heels, then it should get hemmed. i generally prefer to get long dresses hemmed just 1" off the floor. i can't stand seeing my clothes dragging on the floor and getting dirty!


  7. @Jen, @Elle - Thanks for the feedback, I'm leaning towards hemming it. I need to stop being so lazy!

    @Really Petite, @Nelah - Thanks! =)

    @SewPetiteGal - I'd guess I'm 3" taller on tippy-toes. I think I'd rather hem the dress than wearing 4-5" heels. Too wobbly for me hehe

    @kileen - Thanks for the feedback and your exact recommendations. 1" off the floor sounds like an ideal length to me. I'm a worrier for getting clothes dirty too!

  8. I love pretty draped dresses too! But never really have anywhere to wear them to haha. I do think the 2nd dress probably needs a hem job unless you can find crazy tall shoes to wear it with.


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