Windy city

by - Monday, November 08, 2010

So I may have gotten over wearing my theory blazer in every outfit post, only to move on to my Old Navy boots, haha. What can I say? When I like an item, it sure gets lots of uses =) What's currently on your almost-daily rotation?

jacket: American Eagle
scarf: Esprit
shirt: Hollister
belt: Old Navy
jeans: Hollister
boots: Old Navy

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  1. I can never get sick of that Theory blazer on you :)

    You pull off this effortless chic look so well, I can see why you like the ON boots, they probably go with everything.

    I am trying to wear everything in my closet (will probably take 4 years to complete) so I tend to skip items that I recently wore. I do love my EMU boots though and wear them whenever I can.

  2. It's pretty good that you wear new items multiple times. The boots look super comfy and chic. It sure does go with everything. Flat boots are must haves for cold weekends

  3. Love those boots! Such a gorgeous colour. I don't blame you for wearing them a lot at all.

    I'm currently wearing out my flat boots too. Can't help it comfy!

  4. The cognac color of those boots is so versatile! I would never guess they were from ON.

    On daily rotation for me now are my rainboots..ugh! Rain/sleet/snow looks windy in your pics but at least warm enough to wear cute light jackets : )

  5. Love this outfit! Your Bal city goes well with it.

    Do you get to wear jeans to work? :)

  6. @Elle - You're too nice =) I recently started wearing my Uggs again when the weather finally got colder. I've forgotten how comfy they are!

    @PetiteLittleGirl - Thanks, I totally agree!

    @The Backseat Stylers - Aren't flat boots the best? =D

    @PetiteAsianGirl - I can't believe it's already snowing where you are o.O I hope we're not in for a harsh winter...

    @Jen - Thanks =) I'm pretty lucky in that I can wear pretty much whatever I want to work... well, no sweats haha, but anything else goes!

  7. You look lovely!!! I love jeans tucked in those boots- so chic and stylish!

  8. I know you said that you have a good deal of neutral colored clothes but you always seem to incorporate a nice dose of color to every outfit. I really love the pop of green with the tan of the boots - beautiful!

  9. Love all your looks!!! It helps that we are the same size, and I would were everything you post;)

  10. i'm loving the boots. they are almost making me regret buying my steve maddens which cost so much more :( but i totally feel you on using a certain piece almost daily--that would have to be my black blazer :D

  11. Is this your daily outfit? Nice. Those jeans fit you perfectly. You actually remind me of my sister who loves wearing jeans and fancy clothes. =)


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