J.Crew wool bell skirt

by - Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Before Thanksgiving, I went into J.Crew hoping to find their cord Atlee skirt, but instead came away with a J.Crew wool bell skirt in heather aluminum, size 0. It was on sale at the stores for $49.99 + 30% off, but it's still selling at retail price of $79.50 online.

I had been looking for a casual skirt with pockets (yes, my first pair of skirts with pockets!) after seeing so many bloggers rocking theirs. I tried on both 00 and 0 in stores and thought both fit me fine, except 00 was a bit tighter. So for petites smaller than me, I think 00 would be perfect. The best part is the elastic waist -- great for holiday meals ;) The only downside is the material, partially made of wool, which means it's dry clean only.

I could have sworn in the dressing room the skirt looked longer on me and did not flare out as much. But from these pictures, they're the opposite? Either way, I can already tell this will be one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe :) Check out Kelly @ Alterations Needed wearing the same skirt in henna!

jacket: Esprit
cardigan: Old Navy
top: Hollister
sash: J.Crew
tights: Forever 21 (currently sold here)

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  1. So cute! Isn't that skirt great? I ended up finding the black in size 00 on sale with an extra 30% off a few weekends ago in a J.Crew store...still haven't worn it yet though. I was REALLY hoping to find the grey one you have but they were all sold out.

  2. you know, i didnt really think much of the skirt until i scrolled down and saw how you styled it. great find!

  3. This is one of the rare pieces from JCrew that runs small. It looks great on you. It's hard to believe that 00 was a bit tighter on you. I really like the way you styled this skirt with black tights. You can now wear it all year long :)

  4. Cute! I really like how you paired it with the sash and I love the wedges! You have such a flair for accessorizing and adding oomph to every single one of your outfits :)

    Is it horribly sad that I think I recognize that model as one who's been on the BR website? LOL.

  5. I love how you styled it!! It looks great with that belt!

    Does Esprit run fairly small? I notice the brand is in downtown Seattle, and was interested in stopping by.

  6. I really like the shape of the skirt, which makes it look comfy yet cute. Is it really comfy as it looks? Love the way you styled it too.

  7. this skirt looks great on you and i really love the sash! it's the perfect feminine addition to the outfit along with the statement necklace. so lucky to find it on sale too!


  8. Great find on that skirt. I was thinking about picking it up too, but I have a similar version in similar colors. Sigh. Super cute though! =)

  9. Wow- that is a great deal! And it fits you well too! I love the belt with it- super feminine and stylish!!! Good job!!!

  10. I initially thought that the skirt flared out a bit more than I had expected, but I love seeing how you styled it! So cute and definitely all things I would wear as well.

  11. So cute, love how you styled it! I really like your new header by the way!

  12. How adorable is your new blog header?!! ..I love it! The skirt looks really good on you and seems to be a great fit. Can't wait to see all the outfits you pair it with, it's such a versatile color.

  13. Alterations Needed - That's so funny because I was looking for other colors but my store only had the gray!

    Leena - When I uploaded the non-styled pics, I thought I had made a mistake when I bought the skirt! I don't know why but the photos don't look all that flattering...

    PetiteLittleGirl - I could still breathe in the 00, but just felt 0 reminded me more of comfy sweatpants haha

    SewPetiteGal - Nope, it just means you pay attention to detail :) I'm sure it comes in handy during DIY projects... unlike me. I swear I feel like I have ADD sometimes lol

    Michelle - You should definitely check out Esprit! I find their XS fits me fine, pretty comparable to most stores' smallest sizes. I think they might have originated in Asia or Europe, so they're probably on the smaller end of the sizing scale.

    olyvia - Yup, the elastic waistband makes it super comfy and casual. From what I could tell, the wool doesn't feel itchy, but I guess I'll find out when it's warmer and I don't have to wear tights!

    kileen - Unexpected finds are the best :)

    Stylepint - The skirt comes in other colors, but I agree that gray is probably the easiest to style.

    Really Petite - Thank you!

    PetiteXXS - Me too! I swear it looked better on me in the fitting room lol. But I'm glad when I wore it "for real", it turned out better.

    curls-and-pearls, Callandra - I thought it was about time the blog got a face lift :)

  14. Love the way you styled it with the sash! I also like the detailing of the skirt. :)

  15. I think the flare is quite cute on you! It is a little sad that the wool makes it dry clean only (have you noticed a lot of JCrew items are dry clean only??!) is the material itchy because of it?
    This is your first skirt with pockets, no way! Maybe it's because my taste is quirkier but most of my skirts have pockets in them. ^-^ It's coming to the point where my hand absentmindedly tries to find a pocket even if the skirt/dress doesn't have one lol!

  16. Jen, PearlsAndGreenTea - Thanks girls!

    Banhannas - I know, and the dry clean only is the reason why I don't own more J.Crew clothes. Or is it a good thing because it's keeping me from spending $? lol. I've caught myself reaching for pockets a lot too because sometimes I just don't know what to do with my hands! Unlike you though, I'm left being awkward cuz most of my clothes don't have pockets!

  17. I like the skirt with the blue jacket. Great mix of colors!



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