Mad for plaid

by - Tuesday, November 23, 2010

As Hanna kindly pointed out, I love layering. It's as if I can't make up my mind as to what I should wear, so I throw everything on haha. But really, I attribute it to working in a cold office, so wearing layers help. Though, is there a point when enough is enough? Here I am wearing a striped shirt with a plaid scarf, topped with plaid boots!

scarf: American Eagle
jacket: Esprit
shirt: Hollister
belt: J.Crew

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  1. I love this outfit. Especially the scarf, so cuteee!!

  2. Oooh cute! You are a master of layering :) I've always been hesitant at mixing prints but you make it look so good!

    BTW - are the Burberry boots comfy?

  3. Haha, Hanna is right you are so good at layering. When I try layering a la your style I end up looking like a homeless person. lol. love how you belt the outfit, it's so unique and works!

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for the layering ideas! I am not used to the concept, so I suffer when I go to Seattle. :/ Next time, I will be warm and fashionable thanks to so many ideas from the bloggers!

  5. I love LOVE your rain boots! I have been wanting a pair forever but have been too cheap to get ones I really want (i.e., Hunter or Kors) - my big sis has a pair of Burberry rain boots too and I get jealous hives every time I see her in them!

  6. I love this outfit. I love plaid in general even though I don't wear much of it. Your Burberry rain boots are to die for. I am so putting them on my Christmas wish list :)

  7. Great layering ideas! I used to think layering just meant wearing a jacket, but there's so much more! =)

  8. wow, you layer so well!! i would've never thought that the mix of patterns would work so well, but it really does! and i love how you belted the scarf too.

  9. love your print mixing here! I am a huge fan of layering :) this looks great on you!


  10. Hey Cee! This is such a great outfit. The plaid pattern on your scarf goes beautifully with your cardi.

    As for the LanvinxHM, I think the sizing is true H&M size. :) HTH.

  11. Oo I love the plaid pattern of your scarf! And I never would've though to belt over the scarf, but hey if it works, why not? :P

  12. L4pinkpetal, kileen, Chelsea, Jen, PetiteXXS - Thanks girls for the positive feedback!

    SewPetiteGal - Hehe I'm a master-in-training of layering ;) The Burberry boots are pretty comfy for rubber boots. I felt they were more lightweight than Hunters, but you should try it out and see what you think.

    Elle - You, looking like a bum?! You'd be one stylish homeless person ;)

    Michelle - If I lived in a warm climate like you, I'd never have a chance to experiment either, so no worries! Seattle weather will be perfect for practice :)

    Lisa - I think it's totally worth it to splurge on a pair of rainboots! I'd rather have one I truly love them multiple ones that are cheaper. Christmas present idea? ;)

    PetiteLittleGirl - I've been wanting to buy a plaid shirt for so long, but haven't found the perfect one. I think Burberry boots are a great intro to plaid though!

    Stylepint - Haha, me too! Looking at everyone's outfit ideas have inspired me to experiment :)

  13. Adorable outfit! I love the layers and mixed patterns, very visually interesting. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  14. As I always say - if you can't decide, layer it!

  15. Love your blog!
    Hope you will visit mine:)

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