Cara Accessories pearl & crystal statement necklace

by - Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I decided to keep my LOFT black pants. Yay, the search for black pants is finally over! I folded and tucked about 1.5" of the hem inwards. I think it looks ok, not overly noticeable that there isn't a "real" hem. I like the casual look of the untucked shirt more, even though a tucked-in shirt looks more polished. Which do you prefer, tucked, untucked, both, neither?

necklace: Cara Accessories (currently sold here)
bag: Chanel
bracelets: Forever 21
belt: J.Crew

With this outfit, I also wore my Cara Accessories pearl & crystal statement necklace (currently sold here) for the first time. It's my most blinged-out piece of jewelry yet. The combination of sparkles plus pearls = gotta have it! I was hesitant about wearing it to work, but to my relief, I didn't get a whole lot of comments. I'm glad I'll be able to wear this normally, and not just for special occasions. One issue I have with this necklace is the itchiness! I think the edges of the rhinestones poke through. It's not too horrible... and for the prettiness, I can put up with it =P

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  1. I prefer the top tucked, but I totally get the relaxed untucked look....(which honestly is probably how I would wear it)hee The necklace is fabulous with the outfit. I was just over at Stylepint's blog and she reviewed an incredible jewelry designer which I was totally excited to check out ('till I saw the prices) Lol Anyway, I'm off to check out this necklace with your link - Thank you!!

  2. I was going to say untucked until I saw the tucked photo :P It looks so much sharper tucked in but it ultimately depends on whether you're going for a casual look or a more formal look. I really love that necklace too - especially with the outfit!

  3. For this specific outfit, I like it tucked. But I think it could go both ways. Great statement necklace and it goes so well with what you're wearing.

  4. i like the shirt tucked in. you've got a really good knack for styling different pieces. great outfit!

  5. lOVE how those pants fit on you...and the necklace is the perfect statement piece;)

  6. I LOVE Cara Accessories! It looks great on you :)

    And anytime you have a LOFT questions feel free to drop by and ask! I've been working there for almost a year now and pretty much know the place like the back of my hand!! (and yes i take advantage of my petite department) You can sign up for their e-mails to know about discounts, but they only tell me about the sales usually the day before as well.

  7. Oh my, the necklace is gorgy. Did you get this one on sale? You wear it beautifully!!

    I love these photos of you on a rooftop.. very photoshoot-like. :)

  8. I like the relaxed look- untucked, comfy yet still pulled-together :) That necklace looks beautiful! I think it helps makes your simple outfit look more formal somehow.

  9. I like the shirt tucked in too! I have been looking for a similar necklace ever since I first crossed paths with a J. Crew one that is really similar but I really don't wear much jewelry so can't bring myself to get one. It looks so beautiful on you and the bling really adds to the outfit (in a good way).

  10. I like it untucked better! and the necklace is great..I got my mom something similar from J.Crew in July.

  11. I like the tucked shirt look- and those pants look great on you! The necklace is gorgeous!!!

  12. Wow it seems like I'm in the minority and tucked shirt is a winner!

    @Callandra - Personally, I feel that the $98 price tag on this necklace is a bit steep. I had a Nordstroms gift card that I used with it, so that made a huge difference. But sometimes, when you love an item enough, paying retail is a-ok :)

    @SewPetiteGal - It was the opposite for me. This outfit started out tucked, but by the end of the day I thought to myself, "hey untucked looks pretty good!"

    @Stylepint, @Leena, @Kaleido Mind, @Really Petite - Thank you!

    @Kara Marie - This was my first time buying Cara Accessories, and I'm really liking their things!

    @JenlovesBal - Not really on sale, per se, but in my mind it was b/c I used a Nordstroms gift card =P I think the rooftop might be my go-to place for pictures now, when I get home early enough and there's good lighting that is hehe.

    @olyvia - Finally, someone else likes the untucked version like me ;)

    @Elle, @PearlsAndGreenTea - I know exactly which J.Crew necklace you're talking about! I missed out on that but am glad I came across this version.

  13. Those pants look great on you, and I like the tucked in look. It adds more polish and you can accessorize with a fun belt! That statement necklace is gorgeous by the way: bold in an elegant way!


  14. what a great outfit, i love how you accessorized with the necklace.. i'm going to have to try to put this outfit together and wear it to work :)

  15. @herwaisechoice - A fun belt is a great suggestion, thank you!

    @Fashion Nicotine - Thank you!

    @Viv - I'm happy to be an inspiration :)

  16. I actually like untucked, but I'm definitely a more casual kinda gal hehe. It looks good tucked in too, and would be more work appropriate. The necklace is so pretty! :)

  17. You have a GORGEOUS figure... I love it tucked in. I really love these colours together. I want some taupe suede shoes this year =)

    I have a pair of grey Mara Suede Wedges which look exactly like your Nine West wedges, except they're open toe. Wishing they weren't open toe now, after a few wears. >.<


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