Sunday, June 13, 2010

Simply Vera Vera Wang Silver-Tone Cluster Necklace

I don't have a stock photo of this necklace :( I can't believe it sold out so quickly from the website!! I guess I shouldn't be so surprised because it's simply divine, and not to mention it was on sale :P A matching set of earrings though is still for sale on Kohl's website.
 Edit: Found a stock photo!
Remember how I was a bit disappointed that my Etsy necklace looked more spread out in pictures compared to when it's actually worn? Well, this Simply Vera Vera Wang necklace sure didn't disappoint. It is a bit heavy (after all, look at the size of those pearls! and how many there are). When worn, it didn't have the "pendant" effect as the pearl clusters are definitely spread out. I love my new statement necklace :)

Modeling pics with the necklace coming soon!


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