Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Look for less: Jimmy Choo Mitsu -> Lauren by Ralph Lauren Aela

I doubt shoes would get any more inspired than this! These Lauren by Ralph Lauren Aela sandals (currently sold here) are a dead ringer for Jimmy Choo Mitsu's. The lighting of the pictures are probably different, so the gold tone looks a bit off. Unlike the rsvp Tarans and the Manolo Sedarbys counterpart, I actually saw the Ralph Lauren's first. I'm actually not even sure if the Jimmy Choos are from the current season... so I don't remember how I stumbled across the similarities. Alas, back to the review on the Aelas.

They are quite comfortable. I had known this prior to purchasing based on reviews, so I wasn't too worried. And it's only 3" :P (I can't believe I say only as if I wear heels everyday haha). But I think my above average foot arch might have something to do with it. I love the pale gold of the Aelas and feel that it would actually go well with both gold or silver jewelry. I wore these sandals for the first time at a wedding two weekends ago that lasted 5+ hours of me standing and dancing practically the whole time. I was doing pretty good until we ventured out to take photographs on hilly cobblestone roads -_- All in all though, definitely comfortable and worth it if you're going for the classic, timeless look.
dress: unknown

*Images courtesy of Studio Saldana


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