Look for less: Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby -> rsvp Taran

by - Sunday, January 17, 2010

The famous (or is it infamous?) Carrie's missing Manolo Sedaraby from Sex and the City might be one of the most recognized Manolo styles today. So of course when I saw it at department stores, I instantly fell in love. But the price tag of $715 (ouch!) is just a bit too steep for me because of the number of times I get to wear them. Not to mention, the fuchsia color and my size were nowhere to be found!

I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled across these rsvp Taran in fuschia satin, size 6 (currently sold here) one day. Aren't they pretty much an exact match --- and for only $89 to boot! As usual, Zappos customer service is superb and I received my shoes in 2 days. Along with the shoes, I was pleasantly surprised to see the inclusion of a pink dust bag.
The lighting is kind of dark in this image, but the pink definitely pops in real life! I ordered these in my US size (half size up was sold out) and found them to be a wee bit tight. I figured I'd wear them around the house for a bit to break them in and hopefully stretch out the toe box. After wearing them for half an hour (most of which I was sitting down :P), my feet were killing me! So I gave up stretching them myself and stuffed a pair of woolen socks into each shoe. I took it out after 2 days and voila! the shoes now fit perfectly.
I had no problems wearing these shoes and standing all day. Very comfortable, left no blisters, and doesn't even require a breaking-in period. Love, love, love these shoes!
dress: Express
bracelets: Forever 21
sash/belt: J.Crew

*Stock image courtesy of Neiman Marcus

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