Fade to gray

by - Thursday, November 04, 2010

Looking through my past couple of outfits, I sure do own a lot of greys,  blues, whites, and blacks. My eye seems to shy away from brighter colors and patterns, and instead drawn to cooler colors. If nothing else, at least those colors all go well together =) Have you looked through your closet lately? Are there color(s) that you wear most often?

jacket: Esprit
necklace: Banana Republic
dress as top: LOVE 21
tights: American Eagle
flats: Mossimo
bag: Chanel

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  1. I love gray!!! I have so much gray in my closet and I keep buying more!

    I really love this outfit! so classy! So you wore that dress as a top? How clever! No bulging anywhere?

  2. That's how I feel too..so much gray/black/white in my closet. I have to force myself buying more colorful pieces instead

  3. Very cute outfit. I'm still amazed how you're able to tuck that dress into a skirt!

    I like to play it safe too.. love to wear white, gray, and black. :)

  4. Like jlovesBal, I really love how you can turn your LOVE21 dress into a top without any bunching! Love the outfit!

    Most of my closet consists of neutrals but I've slowly started incorporating some jewel tones and peaches after getting inspired by the blogger fashionistas ;)

  5. I love gray too! I also wear a lot of navy/black/dark palettes in the winter. I love the outfits in this post, that skirt is so pretty!

  6. I have a lot of grey items but a lot of colours too. I just buy what I'm drawn to and forget to think about how it will all go together LOL!

    That's so cool you could tuck that dress in!

  7. Definitely grey, and occasionally blue/green/red. I am drawn to different shades of grey. :)
    I love your dress worn as top! The neckline is really pretty.

  8. I love the first pic outfit! When will you reveal yourself!=) I can't wait!

  9. @Really Petite - Yup, no bunching! The material is pretty thin and the skirt is long enough to cover all the excess fabric.

    @PetiteLittleGirl - I've been trying to branch out into yellows lately... and browns, but that probably counts as a neutral hehe

    @jlovesBal - Hehe, give it a shot, with the perfect fabric, there won't be any bunching.

    @SewPetiteGal - Ooh, thanks for reminding me. I think jewel tones would be wonderful for winter.

    @Elle - I think you do a good job mixing in colors in your outfits.

    @curls-and-pearls - As long as we wear our clothes with confidence, it doesn't matter if nothing matches =P

    @Vicky - I love different shades of gray too!

    @Curvy Petite - I'm too shy! Maybe one day... =)

  10. I love your outfit and it's alright to wear neutrals. I've been loving navy lately. Since I got my brown boots, I've been wearing them with everything.

    Wear what you love and it doesn't matter if it's "boring" because you'll always be interesting! =)

  11. ps I meant to comment on the top/dress...I was not a big fan of it when you originally posted it but it looks SO GOOD tucked in like that. Reminds me of that LOFT top that a lot of petites got a while back. I really want one now but it doesn't seem to still be available.

  12. I love that skirt, it looks so comfortable! It is interesting that you go for cool colors especially since it goes well with the weather. I love that trench you have on!

  13. @Stylepint - Aww, thanks for the kind words. You've just brightened my day! lol I'm so cheesy -_-

    @Elle - Shhh, but I agree that I'm loving it more as a top than as a dress too! I don't recall the LOFT top you're referring to... it may have found out before I started shopping there though. I'll keep my eyes out for you too, but I'm sure you'll find one with draping that you'll love sooner or later.

    @Banhannas - I think I prefer to blend in and not stand out in a crowd, so I tend to stray away from bright colors. At least that's what I tell myself =)

  14. Hmmm, very creative to wear the dress as a top and the front design is so special! Actually, I love soft color palettes. This one is really pretty and perfect for fall.

  15. I'm loving the look on the left. The color combination is polished. :)

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  16. finally found the one that I was referring to, here's Jean wearing hers:

    and on Liane

    and on several other petites...can't remember exactly whom though. SewPetiteGal also did a tutorial on how to make it...if only I know how to sew.

  17. i have a lot of black in my closet, but i'm really trying to incorporate other colors as well such as grey, cream, taupe, hahah. i love this outfit--very chic work outfit!


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