Haul: Gap, H&M and J.Crew

by - Sunday, October 24, 2010

I bought these Gap True straight pants in true black, size 00 regular at their 40% off sale a couple of weeks ago after seeing similar ones on a fashion deliberation. I really wanted to try the 00P size, but they had none in the store. The regular is definitely too long on me unless I stand on tippy toes (first pic). The fit looks ok from the front, but from the back and side, it looks baggy. I've also read reviews that said these pants stretch out after a few hours and collects lint rather easily. Since I wouldn't be able to exchange for the petite size, these pants were returned =/ Still sold online though.

So my quest for skinny black pants continues. I saw these H&M black trousers, US size 2 and thought they fit way better than the Gap ones. The material is thinner but stretchier, which has its pros and cons. In the fitting room, I marveled at how comfortable they were, so I immediately went to check out. Upon coming home though and taking these pictures, I'm not so sure. The creases in the front (bottom left)... is that a sign that it's too tight? From the side view (bottom right), my butt looks huge compared to the Gap ones! The length is probably an inch too long, but I can live with that and just tuck the hem under. I thought these were pricey for H&M at $34.95 (I got the Gap ones for $29.70!) What should I do? Keep or continue my hunt?

I also picked up this J.Crew Glimmer sash in heirloom pink, currently selling in stores for $9.99 or online for $19.99 $14.99. I'm not normally a sequins girl, but I like to experiment in small doses, and this seemed like a good way to start. I think it's a good buy, especially when I was ready to fork over $20, but got it for $10!

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  1. What a tough decision! Would you have to tailor the H & M ones at all? I say keep the GAP ones and shorten the length because of the quality but both fit you nicely!

    And great deal on the J.Crew sash :)

  2. I really like the gap ones on you! I hardly wear flats so my jeans are all slightly long.

    And I got that glimmer sash for 20+, darn it. Should've waited for the sale. Maybe I'll get one of the other two colors.

  3. I think it is also about personal preference and your comfort. I agree with Elle that I like the Gap ones on you too! It does seem to flare out (in the side profile) out from the knee a bit if you are into that sort of thing.
    The H&M pants can be worn for casual events since they do look like they fit slimmer. They fit you nicely as well!

  4. @Really Petite - I hadn't planned on tailoring any of these. I figured tucking the hem in when I wear flats should do the trick. I had already return the Gap pants =/

    @Elle, Banhannas - Ahh! I already returned the Gap ones! Hmm... maybe I should wait for an online sale and buy the 00P sizes.

  5. Prior to becoming educated by petite blogs :) I would have said keep them, but I think now I would hold out for a better fit. The H&M ones seem to elongate your rear somehow so I think a definite "no" for those. The Gap ones work as normal black pants but aren't really the skinny silhouette that I think you're going for. Great deal on the sash though!

  6. I personally think the Gap pants fit and flatter your figure better - but I'm not sure whether or not you are looking for a skinnier cut in the leg. If that is the case, I say keep looking then - but you do look good!

  7. Ooh..love the sash! How do you plan to wear it??

  8. Did you try the Gap Really Skinny Pants on? Especially for the price I would take the Gap ones over the H&M ones, but perhaps the petites would be a better bet on you.

    Love that sash, can't wait to see how you wear it!

  9. I actually like the H&M pants better on you. I noticed that the Gap pants are tight on you (see the crotch area). Can you fold an inch with the H&M pants?

  10. @SewPetiteGal - This is what I needed from the petite community, honest truths that I can't see myself. Thanks for your thoughts!

    @Lisa - Yup, ideally I would like to find a pair with a skinnier leg cut so I can wear them tucked into boots.

    @PearlsAndGreenTea - Probably belting it, boring I know hehe

    @curls-and-pearls - I did try on the Gap Really Skinny Pants but didn't like how there were no rear pockets!

    @Sydney - Ahh you're the lone person for H&M > Gap! Now I don't know what to do... Tucking the hem under for the H&M pants worked fine, so that's a definite plus for being able to wear them with flats or heels.

  11. Loving the sash!

    Here's another idea for wearing it as a tie from chloe conspiracy blog: http://www.thechloeconspiracy.com/2010/10/outfit-of-saturday-shopping-shopping.html

  12. @jlovesBal - Thanks for reminding me! I remembered seeing that on Chloe's blog awhile back. Definitely have to try that!

  13. the h&m ones look better... and it's only $10 more... I'd probably go with that but then again I'm very anti hassle hahaha. I really like the J crew sash!


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