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by - Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I was thinking of my childhood when I put together today's outfit. I was a tomboy growing up, always running around and playing sports with the boys. Anything they can do, I can do better. No false modesty here =P

Today's outfit is inspired by the quintessential country club outfit for guys -- sports coat with khakis, but with a girly twist of course. I'm loving my new Banana Republic wrap, but I find myself having trouble concentrating at work because I just want to lean back and take a nap haha. How do you like to tone down masculine looks?

blazer: theory
belt: Express
pants: Express
bag: Chanel
flats: Mossimo

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  1. I am more like a girly girl. My Mom always put skirt/dress on me when I was a little girl. I do like your outfit (especially the Theory blazer). I am drooling over your Chanel bag :)

  2. I was a total tomboy too growing up but I had to wear skirts and dresses as a uniform. When it comes to masculine style clothing, I add a feminine touch with color, ruffles, or other little details to soften the look. I'm recently loving adding brooches to blazers for some extra zing! =)

  3. Big props to all the former tomboys!

    I love the casual-chic blazer, one of my go-tos for fall!

  4. Looking totally cute! i love how you add a nice feminine touch with the pretty scarf.

  5. LOVE the wide legged look in your pants!! I too, love toning down the manly look with a splash of feminine color.

    You remind me of a Ralph Lauren model!

  6. Oooh this outfit!!-- Coco Chanel would have been proud. Love it. Love everything about it.


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