Trail blazin'

by - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When I was putting on this blazer today, it got me thinking... do you always wear a long sleeve underneath? What happens if you want to wear a tank/cami/sleeveless shirt? Aren't you afraid of deodorant or sweat marks leaving behind residue inside a dry-clean-only blazer? Or am I the only one who worries? =P Are there any precautions I should take?

jacket: theory
tank: Gap
necklace: Banana Republic
belt: Express
jeans: Hollister
flats: Miu Miu (similar)

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  1. I used to only wear long sleeves under blazers (if only because when it's cold enough to wear blazers, it's not warm enough to wear long sleeves) but I recently started wearing tank tops and blouses under blazers and I haven't noticed any of the things you mentioned (maybe I should go check the arm hole areas of my blazers).

    You look as pulled together as always. I seriously have a crush on that blazer.

  2. There're clear deodorants you can purchase :).

  3. Yes, you noticed! The angle of that pic is so awkward. My sis took it kneeling down. Why? I don't know.

    I have never thought about deodorant stains on dry clean only blazers because I don't have an expensive blazer but I would think, hey, it smells nice and no one has to see the stains, (if any) cause it's on the inside!

  4. This is a cute outfit, casual, yet very polished with the blazer.

    I don't own any expensive blazers either, but I agree.. I try to at least wear short sleeves to avoid that lol.

  5. Very nice outfit!!! Casual yet undeniably chic :) And that bag is absolutely beautiful lol!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  6. Hmm - I don't usually pay attention to sleeved versus non-sleeved shirts under blazers. I think as long as it's relatively cool, you won't have to worry much? I like your City - it does look like a good size. I have a Twiggy and a Part Time. I feel like neither is my "perfect" size so maybe I'll try City next :)

  7. You own all my favourite bags! What colour is your bal bag?

  8. @The Backseat Stylers - My bal is galet =)

  9. I SHOULD worry about deo/armpit stains on blazers...but I wear sleeveless tops with jackets a lot. Oh well : ) Dry cleaning once in a while should get out any stains.

    Do you get to wear jeans to the office? Cute ensemble!

  10. @PetiteAsianGirl - Yup, I work in a casual environment. The running joke for people who dress up for no reason is, "got an interview today?" haha.

  11. Oh goodness, you seem to take better care of clothing than I do. I didn't even think about that! Hrm, but as far as deodorant marks, there are certain brands out there that dries clear!

    I'm absolutely dying seeing your Balencegia bag... AH!


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