30 for 30: Home sweet home

by - Sunday, February 20, 2011

My parents recently came back from their trip abroad, so I couldn't wait to go home. Why you ask? Because I miss my mom's cooking. Shhhh don't tell her I said that or I'll never hear the end of it :) There's nothing quite like a bowl of home-cooked, steaming hot noodle soup. Not to mention, they brought back pineapple cakes. Mmm I wonder how long that's going to last.

top: H&M - gift from Elle
dress: Plastic Island
tights: Forever 21
bag: Chanel
flats: Miu Miu (similar)

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  1. Wow, such a cute outfit!
    Btw, love your blog, follow each other?

  2. You're officilly the queen of CUTE this outfit is almost adorable with the flats and the dress love it :)

  3. I think this has got to be my favorite outfit out of this challenge! I really like the scarf worn as a necklace, on the right photo. Knowing your excellent layering technique, I totally thought your dress was an actual skirt and with a separate top! LOOOVE the high empire style, ruched (IS THIS PAPERBAG STYLE?!) of that dress. This outfit needs to be worn again. =0>

  4. I love the combination of those shoes and tights with that dress! The colours really complement each other.

  5. Ah ha I remember that top from Elle's giveaway, what a brilliant way to wear it :) I totally recommend you check out the Target yellow Merona solid wrap. When I saw it at the store, it instantly reminded me of your Merona red one from the holiday PFC. It has a nice sheen to it like yours too. In fact, i'm going back to your videos on how to tie scarfs for my new wrap. I love how I'm learning stylish things from bloggers ;)

  6. You look so sweet and pretty! The lace top underneath the dress adds a very nice touch.

  7. Super cute...I like how you layered the lace top with the skirt.

  8. What a creative way to wear the dress, I love it! I am going to look into that scarf, it's simply gorgeousness. :)

    And drool...pineapple cake?!! I love me some Xin Dong Yang ones. :) My parents are currently in TW now and they better bring back some goods for me. :) (I know I am using a lot of smiley faces but this outfit is putting such a big smile on my face)

  9. Oh! I love my mom's cooking...totally relate!! I have never heard of the "pacific island" brand, but what an adorable dress!....and the lace top underneath is so original. I like very much!

  10. Oh Cee, this outfit is such a winner! A scarf as a sash is just PURE GENIUS. Just curious, are you Korean or Japanese? Is it udon noodle soup?
    I love and miss my mom's cooking too. I'll be going back to the Mother Land (M'sia) next mth and I'm soooooooo excited I could pass out. I'm probably gonna gain 10lbs!!!!!!!!

  11. Lovely outfit, Cee! I love my Mom's cooking. I visit my parents every weekend because there is always good food at their place :) Nothing beats homemade food. Have a great week.

  12. omg i love this dress on you + scarf!! you look like you're going sailing in st. tropez for the weekend!

    and omg i love pineapple cakes.. i try to bring a case home whenever i go to taiwan hahah.

  13. I just love this whole outfit! You are so super creative and chic.
    And yes, thank you for the suggestion on Theory. I haven't looked yet; however I am getting to the point that I am willing to pay a more for a well cut, quality blazer!!

    Also, side note, you have lots of Lisas who have commented on your post!!!

  14. @Diana P., @En Bouton, @JenlovesBal, @Jarucha, @Victoria - Thank you :)

    @katou - Lol, sometimes I feel I dress too young for my age. One of these days, I'll outgrow it :)

    @Banhannas - Ya know, I don't know if the dress' waist is the paper-bag style. I bought the dress many years ago, so if it is, the brand sure was ahead of the times! (Or behind as trends tend to cycle, haha).

    @olyvia - I ended up returning the red Merona wrap because I felt I already have too many scarves in my closet! Been kicking myself every day since. I think I'll have to stop by Target soon and check out this mustard one. Can't wait to see you wearing it!

    @Elle - Hehe, I never thought the scarf would be that popular! Aubrey recently bought the black one too and Jean bought a light blue one. I don't know how much they ended up paying, but I think I paid around $8.50 for mine.

    I have a unhealthy obsession with pineapple cakes. That's the only thing I requested my parents bring back for me from TW. I'm not picky about the brands (but next time they go back, I'll be sure to ask for Xin Dong Yang) because they're just all soo tasty.

    @Callandra - Thanks :) I don't think the brand is that popular and only select stores carry it. If I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure I bought it off Revolve Clothing.

    @Lisa - I'm Chinese (or to be more specific, Taiwanese, but Chinese is what I tell people, haha). Question back at ya, how come Korean and Japanese were my only two choices? :) I like to eat almost anything, but surprisingly I'm not really a big fan of udon noodle soup. I'll take ramen noodle soup any day though!! My mom makes this cellophane noodle soup with tea eggs (and other flavors that I can't identify) that I just lovvee.

    Oooh a trip to Malaysia sounds so awesome right now. I have friends who recently came back from there and I can't wait to see their pictures. Or maybe I shouldn't because I'll turn green with envy. Girl, you can gain 10 lbs and nobody would even notice! Just tell yourself the weight gain will be worth it because you can't get the food anywhere else :)

    @PetiteLittleGirl - One of my goals in life should really be to learn how to cook like my mom. That's one tall order though because going home would be much easier, hehe.

    @lisa - Never been to St. Tropez, but now I know what I'd wear if I go :)

    @Lisa Lisa Lisa - There are many petite bloggers who swear by theory. I'm slowly getting there (still need to get over the sticker shock lol). But it may be one of those things where once you start, you can't stop.

  15. Hi Cee, you're a China doll too????? Holla! lol, Chinese was not an option 'coz when I wished Gong Xi Fa Cai on my blog last month, you didn't say you were Chinese and you mentioned that your Chinese was horrible so I just assumed maybe you weren't Chinese. Sorry for the assumption :) Actually my Chinese is pretty horrible too. I can speak half past six Cantonese. Can't speak a lick of Mandarin. And when I talk to my grandma in Cantonese (she can't speak English) it's like a chicken and a duck talking.

  16. You are so cute Cee!!!! Love this outfit! I can't wait to have my Mom's cooking soon...she lives in a diff state so every year I go home, i devour her food..LOL

  17. I see I totally missed all this scarf wearing two ways madness. love your dress and welcome back to your parents! I hope it's a reunited-and-it-feels-so-good feeling haha. :)

  18. Love this outfit. And love the Chanel! I would have picked the same sized one if I were to ever justify in my engineering logic mind that it's ok to spend thousands on a small thing like that. Maybe it'll never happen. But, maybe it will. lol.

  19. My hubby is Taiwanese, and every time his parents come back to visit from TW they always bring pineapple cakes and they're SO yummy! I tried buying packaged ones from the Chinese markets here and they were so bad in comparison... now I just wait for my once/twice a year treats :)


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