30 for 30: Black out

by - Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I always feel a bit weird when wearing all mostly black. Some feel chic, but I feel moody. Or rather, I'm feeling moody so I wear black. Does wearing certain colors reflect how you feel? Or vice versa?

necklace: Banana Republic
top: LOFT
cardigan: Old Navy (currently sold here)
belt: Express
pants: LOFT

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  1. Found your blog via Kendi's sight. Love it! Very professional and office appropriate. Love the almost all-black, too!

  2. I love today's outfit...the black can be chic and it can be dreary if there are no accessories to brighten it up. Your Loft top did the trick! :)

  3. I like you in mostly black, it's a very clean and chic look. I do find that when I wear all black or all dark tones I don't feel as energetic...I try to incorporate some color into my outfits but it's hard.

  4. I actually like to wear black when I'm feeling lousy, 'coz I feel like I'm blending in. Plus black is so timeless and classic. Love how you paired it with the Loft top, it's a nice splash of color.

  5. I read your response to my other comment. thanks 4 offering to pick up that necklace. that's very sweet of you. I don't like to trouble other people, so it's okay. My sis-in-law lives in a city with a H&M store, so I may go bug her.

  6. Black comes across so nicely in pictures. I am more self conscious about how it appears in person...lint and cat hair! Lol!

    You pull off the look nicely because of the gorgeous LOFT top...very fun...not moody at all!

  7. Colors definitely have an effect on my mood (yellow = happy almost all the time) but I love your black-out outfit with the cognac and raspberry! It looks gorgeous together!

  8. The pop of red definitely helps an all black outfit!

    I hate wearing all black.. makes me feel like I'm going to a funeral.

  9. I think I just wear too much black, in general. It's such a good base color to build on, I find myself buying everything I like in black, or if I'm feeling crazy gray. I know, I'm a wild one!

    I'm trying to get away from that though...I really do feel like bright colors make me feel more cheerful. Of course, I'm wearing black and gray (with silver accents! that's different! right? no.) today, so you see how well that's going for me...

    I love the red shirt, though. I have no problem admiring someone else's pop of color :)

  10. I really like this outfit, ok I love it :) Love the pop of color with the top and boots.

  11. i think either way it can have an influence on your mood - at least for me! if im cranky and grumpy, im not likely to put on a pink dress and heels, ya know? but if i am in a bad mood, i do try and wear something i love to feel better! :)

  12. I love wearing mostly black! It's easy and comfortable for me. I don't usually jazz up my outfits with color, but I do like to throw on a giant sparkly necklace to liven things up.


  13. @Brittany D'Lynne, @Lilly - Thanks, girls!

    @Jarucha - You know, a fresher set of eyes the next day does help. Don't know what I was thinking being all gloomy-feeling.

    @Elle - Totally agree. Black is so easy to reach for to mix and match because it doesn't clash with anything.

    @Lisa - Haven't thought about black in that perspective before. I should more often to lift my spirits! About the H&M necklace (and anything else), the offer will always be open :)

    @Michelle - Oh gosh, lint is the bane of my existence!! I have a pair of LOFT black pants that pick up lint like crazzzy.

    @SewPetiteGal - It's funny cuz one of my favorite colors to wear is yellow too. It definitely brightens up my day (cheesy, but couldn't help myself).

    @JenlovesBal - Now that you mention it, I'm going to start associating black with funerals. (!)

    @Tara - Silver doesn't count! It's so sparkly and mood lifting :)

    @archives - It sounds like bright colors are the way to go in both scenarios. I should start thinking like that :)

    @Petite Mom - I second that! Sparkly accessories look amazing against black.

  14. I love this outfit! That top...envy!! LOL

  15. definitely. this remix, i've limited myself to just black, gray and white though so i feel you on adding the pop of color and this pretty shirt makes a gorgeous appearance. you look great!

    love that you used tan boots to go with all that black :)


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