Haul: American Eagle, LOFT and Express tops + jacket

by - Thursday, December 23, 2010

I picked up this American Eagle Shawl Collar Waffle Cardigan in military green, size XS (currently on sale here). I have way too much gray and white tops, so I decided on green, one of many colors that's lacking in my closet. I liked the soft feel (not itchy) and the longer length. For some reason, the shawl collar kind of remind me of bookish professors, haha. But it has a more casual-vibe, which I liked. I'm not so sure on fit though -- does it look too tight on me? The shoulders seem sort of narrow, so I'm thinking I probably need to go a size up.

Next, I bought this LOFT Rosette Halter Cami in strawberry red, size XS P. I love the vibrant hot pink/fuchsia color and the detailing down front. The fit is pretty good, doesn't feel big at all. I remember trying on size XXS P and had a hard time getting the top over my head (no zippers). Although that might have fit me better, this size was easier to get in and out of. I think this one's a keeper! The label says it's 100% polyester and machine washable, but I wonder if that will possibly ruin the ruffles and rosette?

On to the next store. I bought up this Express Rosettes Scoop-Neck Tank in dusty plum, size XS (currently sold here). The fit looks to be about the same as the LOFT rosette halter cami above, but it feels looser. I think it's the lack of skin coverage. I would feel more comfortable in a size XXS, so this one is going back to the store.

And the last item is this Express (Minus the) Leather Moto Jacket in dusty pink, size XS (currently sold here). I haven't been looking for a motorcycle-like jacket, but wouldn't it be wonderful if my Balenciaga had a friend? =P When I saw it on Really Petite, SewPetiteGal and also on Kileen, I thought I might have found the perfect one. I loved the color in person and online, but the fit looks so awkward on me! I know it's supposed to have a shorter fit, but does it look extra short on me? I never thought of myself as having a long torso, but I must've been in denial all these years, haha. The leather is so wonderfully soft and smooshy. Can't tell it's fake leather at all besides the squeaks when I move. Is that normal for fake leather? Should I return or simply wear longer layers underneath?

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  1. I love everything in this post. My favorite is the LOFT cami. The color is so vibrant. It's something i am missing from my closet as well. The leather jacket looks great on you. I don't mind the fake leather as long as it doesn't look cheap. Merry Christmas to you and your family

  2. I like the look of the ae cardigan open. If you like to button it, and it feel uncomfortable, you should size up.

    I agree with you on the Express top...definite go back.

    For the jacket I prefer it open. It does look slightly short when zipped. Nothing I would scoff at! Lol! The color is gorgeous!! No idea about the squeaking!

  3. Great haul. Love the red top, it's super cute. I think the jacket looks great on you. Zipped it looks shorter but if you leave it unzipped it looks fab!

  4. Squeaks? That's unusual...I have a faux leather jacket and it doesn't make any noises.

    I love the two floral tops you tried on, and agree you don't need one size down for the LOFT one. It drapes nicely on you as is. Red is such a lovely color against your skin tone. I also like the periwinkle blue of the Express against your skin, and am curious how one size down would look.

    The AE cardi also looks comfy. Nothing wrong with the "bookish" professor look ; ) Seems like petites are finding success there year after year in the sweater arena!

  5. Someone went shopping alright! :) I really like the first cardi and the moto jacket (dusty pink, yes, I'll take five). I don't know if faux leather is supposed to "Squeak" either...I am just going to request a video in which you move around in that jacket a lot to capture what you are talking about. :)

  6. I tried this moto jacket in the store yesterday and had the same feeling. It was so short on me that it looked very funny. I was also trying the size xs.
    The cardi looks very comfy and I don't think it looks small on you.
    The Loft shell is very pretty, the color looks good on you, the only thing that is holding me back for a 5 star rating is the big rosette right in the middle of the chest. It reminds me of the old Chinese movies I used to watch. The grooms in the movie always wore a big red rosette in the front. :)
    I actually like the Express shell on you a lot. I love the blue color, (and since when did "dusty plum" look like this?) it's very pretty against your skin. I also like the rosettes are placed along the neckline. If it's to big on you, XXS should fit just right.

    Have a great holiday, Cee!

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  8. I dont know why this particular leather jacket is preferred over this one.

    I don't get why it has these faux slits that flare out in the front and in the back.

    I've been looking for the LOFT Rosette Halter Cami in XXSP! I think it looks so feminine on you. I think the ruffles and rosette will be ok if you wash it, and not dry it in the machine but hang dry.

  9. ^^^omg, I suck @ html codes so what I meant was I like the following 2 moto jackets @ express way better:




  10. I'm really digging the ae cardi in military green, plus for the price, it's a great deal. i may just go pick it up myself.
    And I love the fuschia color, rosette and ruffles of the loft cami. It's so ethereal. Am glad you're keeping it :)
    Have a fabbity fab holiday!

  11. oh, forgot to add, I like the bookish professor look on you. And I don't think it looks too tight, but if you do size up, let me know if it's a better fit.

  12. my favorite is the loft cami. i have a similar top from ann taylor with ruffles and roses, and they did lose their shape/crispness after washing :( as for the express jacket, from the side and back it looks fine, but i'm not completely sold on the length from the front. or maybe it's the way you are standing?

  13. PetiteLittleGirl - I don't mind non-fake-looking leather either, but I do miss the smell of real leather.

    Michelle - I prefer the open cardigan look too. Will see how a size S compares after the holidays.

    Lilly - Now that makes the decision harder... is it worth having a jacket only to wear it open all the time? Hmm...

    PetiteAsianGirl - I hope I didn't imagine the squeaks lol! I'll try it again one more time before I decide what to do. I'll see if the stores have the Express top in XXS (sold out online) and compare.

    Elle - Haha! I've been so bad at buying things lately. My only defense is that all the items bought were spread out over a few weeks' span. And the streak keeps going! Did some damage at J.Crew today :(

    Vicky - LOL @ Chinese grooms! I know exactly what you're talking about. Now I'm going to giggle every time I pull this top out to wear :)

    AubreyOhDang! - Huh, I swear I browsed the entire Express site, but didn't notice those two other moto styles... thanks for the heads up! I'm going to try them on in stores when I get the chance. I'll keep my eye out for the cami in XXS P -- a store somewhere has got to still have it.

    Lisa - Can I say that your holiday wishes sound like what Ned Flanders from the Simpsons would say? :P I'll try the stores for a size S and let you know!

    Leena - Oh no! Thanks for the letting me know though. I'm going to put this cami under the dry clean only category. My sewing/ironing skills are just not good enough to get it back to its original shape if something does happen. I do have bad posture, so I'll try the jacket on again later and see how it looks.

  14. Thanks for doing a review of these items. I would never have thought that cardigan was from AE, it looks pretty good.

    I remember seeing the jacket on Really Petite. It has a flattering peplum shape which is unusual for a leather jacket but looks a little short. However, it would look so hot with a high-waisted skirt or trousers.

  15. I love the sweater, and the two tops. They fit you very well. I try to avoid polyester tops since they tend to fuzz after a few washes in the machine.

    Great haul!

    Happy Holidays Cee! :)

  16. I love the LOFT top! I have been eyeing it but waiting for it to go n sale..hehhee

    And love the AE cardi- never would have guessed it's from AE!

    And I like the jacket on you!!!! I don't think it fits weird at all. The arms are long but we can always push them up. Love that color:)

  17. Oooh, shopping haul posts are my fave! :)

    I love the color of the AE cardi and think it looks slim-fitting but not tight (at least in the photos).

    Love the colors also of both Rosette tops! The LOFT one looks like a perfect fit and the color is gorgeous with your skin tone. Same goes for the Express version (minus the fit). If I recall correctly, you previously only had neutral-colored items? If so, you are doing great at incorporating color!

    Again, the color of the moto jacket looks really great on you but I feel like it's a bit loose in the waist? I like it better unzipped - it looks better proportioned this way. Zipped up does look shorter, but the main thing about the zipped look is the looseness in the waist.

  18. wow, great finds! and that Express jacket looks great on you! I actually have it too and absolutely love it. i haven't had any issues with it squeaking though... i think you do have a long torso cause it looks a bit shorter on you than it does on me! (my outfit here)

  19. Stylepint - Great styling idea! I'll definitely give high-waisted bottoms a try!

    JenlovesBal - Thanks for the heads up on polyester items. I guess I'll have to end up dry cleaning it. Blah! The things we do for fashion, haha!

    Really Petite - I've been wavering so much on whether to keep the Express jacket, so thanks for your feedback!

    SewPetiteGal - Ok you've convinced me that if I keep the Express jacket, I'm never to zip it up, lol. I hadn't noticed the looseness in the waist before, but definitely see it now. Good eye!

    kileen - The Express jacket looks so great on you. Somehow I missed the original post when you blogged, but added you now :)

  20. I totally love that AE sweater and I wouldn't go up a size, the fit looks perfect. The Loft tank is a wonderful color for this blah time of year. I bought the express jacket too (after seeing it on Annie I had to have ;) I bought the xxs in cream online and I have to say that the length is about the same on me. I'm still debating but I think I'll keep it. You're right about the "leather" feeling super soft and rich, plus I think it's going to be super versatile. The only thing that stood out to me in your pictures was the sleeve length. I think sleeve length is more about personal preference anyway, so as long as the sleeves don't feel too long to you I'd keep it. You look great in it and I love the shape of the jacket itself. Merry Christmas!!

  21. in Kileen's recent post, she's wearing the quilted shoulder Express moto jacket. I like the fit on her. Maybe it will fit the same on you.



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