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by - Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm still new at this necklace layered over a top look. But I'd say this is a better attempt than the previous? Call me old-schooled, but before blogging I've only worn necklaces on bare skin. Once discovered, it's like Aladdin opening his cave -- so many possibilities to play with! What's a style you've recently come across and have begun to try out?

sweater, jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch
belt: Old Navy

On a different note, I want to thank the lovely Kristen @ Honestly, Kristen for my first blogger award :) We recently discovered each others' blogs and I love her timeless, classic look.

Now to pass this along to three bloggers who I get so much inspiration from. They might not read my blog but I read theirs religiously!

Leena @ The Classy Confidante - She makes me venture out of my comfort zone. What may seem trendy, she wears it beautifully, as if she started the look.

Khatu @ i am Khatu - I can't get enough of her style. Every time she wears a new outfit, I want to run to my closet to see if I can recreate the same look, lol. Her PFC outfits are always amongst my favorites.

SewPetiteGal - She is so talented, not only in creating garments, but jewelry as well. Not to mention, we share a love of bags :) (Thanks for tagging me, too! I had already decided to tag you so technically this isn't cheating :P)

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  1. congratulations on your award!! i'm also new to the idea of wearing necklaces over tops but i agree that it really opens up so many possibilities once you do it! your necklace is simply beautiful and i really like the pop of color from your belt too!


  2. I wore a necklace over a top a few months ago and I remember my mind being blown as well! I actually really like the look, and I love it on you as well. Very chic!

    And thanks for the compliment, my dear. You are so deserving of that award! :p

  3. I love this look. I usually wear a long necklace with my turtlenecks, but I'm going to copy this one. It looks so chic!

  4. This look is great. I recently discovered jewelry (seriously, I didn't wear anything other than my engagement ring and THAT was a big step for me, I initially refused to get one) and I am also learning how to style things. I've been trying to do more necklaces over sweaters, but I would not think to do it with a turtleneck until seeing your post. This look totally works and looks very stylish. I am going to try this sometime this week.

  5. aww cee thanks for the post! although i'm really limited with blogging between work and my kids, i do check out your blog all the time! it's so great that we can look to each other for inspiration! :)

  6. Love this look. The green belt is so cute and I too will now be trying the necklace over the sweater look.

  7. Prior to seeing you and Stylepint's menswear post, I never wore shorter necklaces over clothing but you have completely opened up that world for me! And I think it looks GORGEOUS and amps up any outfit.

    Thank you for the shout-out and super kind words! Speaking of bags, is there one on the horizon? I know you had mentioned Proenza Schouler bag a little bit ago.

  8. Congrats on the award, Cee! I have to say I have not attempted the jewelry over a top look yet but I am eager to try...a new style that I have started to try is wearing cardigans over ruffley shells. I know...hardly creative but new to me. :)

  9. Congrats on your award!!! I like this look and I may try this and see if I can pull off the necklace over the sweater look :)

  10. Ah, I wore a turtleneck sweater with a necklace today as well :) But I didn't get to take a picture unfortunately. I do love this look though.

  11. Hi Cee. This outfit is my absolute favorite! Let me tell you why. First, I love the way you layer a jean jacket over a chunky turtle neck over a cami. The layering adds visual interest and it's done just the right amount. (You are now competing with Callandra on layering...lol) Second, I like the matching color of your turtle neck with your suede wedges. It pulls the outfit together. Very nice! Third, the pop of color in middle, fantastic choice of color and way of wearing it. Last but not least the chunky necklace over the sweater adding so much interest to the grey turtleneck. I wear my jewelry over my sweater all the time, and I don't remember when I started to do it. One thing I didn't use to do and am doing regularly now is belting. I belt over a pain v-neck sweater over a skirt. It adds definition to my waist area and I find it more flattering.

  12. Ahhhh, really cute outfit! I love the necklace over the sweater! and yeaaaa, doesn't the blogging world change your style so much? I started wearing tights again, seeing all the colorful, fun ones on blogs!

  13. Hmm, I've never tried a necklace over a sweater. Now you've got me thinking . . .

  14. kileen, Kristen, Mama Marshmallow - I'm glad I'm not the only one loving this trend!

    Callandra - Yes! Feel free to copy away, and I shall copy your long necklaces over sweater look :)

    littlenashua - Wow, I sound like you. I'm not engaged but have told the bf I don't want an e-ring. He's said he's come around to it, but we shall see ;)

    Leena - Totally understand the demands of your jobs and family. They must come first :)

    SewPetiteGal - Hehe, I have my eyes on way too many bags ;) The PS1, RM Covet (the nude ostrich/black combo is amazing), maybe a MJ? I'm trying to not stray and enjoy the bags I currently have. It's so hard though!

    Elle - Ooh thanks for sharing! Cardis over ruffly shells sounds really nice and put-together. I'm going to put that on my to-wear list :)

    Really Petite, Lisa - Definitely try it! You might not want to go back after :)

    Lilly - I hope you can take a pic in the future and share with us soon!

    Vicky - You just put into words what my mind should have gone through step by step. But instead I went with my gut when putting this outfit together, haha. I still have long ways to go in reasoning out what looks good together :)

    Jeni - I totally agree! Before blogging, I didn't own one pair of tights. And now? I own 4 lol.

  15. Lovely! I think you pulled off the necklace over a turtleneck well. :)

  16. I'm working on layering necklaces over tops as well! I can't seem to get the hang of doing it over turtlenecks yet though. I like what you did here!


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