First snow

by - Thursday, December 16, 2010

The forecast today predicted 0.5-1" of snow. By the time I got off work, there was easily 4" on the ground! Wahh! Ever since the blizzards of 2010, I've had enough snow to last my lifetime lol. Nevertheless I was prepared with my gigantic car snow shovel (thanks Dad!) and my ski jacket from middle school. Yep, my mom bought me a size L thinking I'll grow into it. To this day it still looks huge on me, but it keeps me warm and is waterproof.

The snow was fluffy but heavy, so even my puny arms had a work out, haha. I tackled my car in 10 mins, then went off to help the others around me with their itty bitty shovels. I swear, this shovel is the best investment ever!

jacket: Columbia
gloves: Old Navy
sweater: Forever 21
belt: Old Navy
jeans: Hollister
drive home from work
view from my building

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  1. There are 3 inches of snow/ice on the ground right now where I live. I hate driving in the winter. Oh well, we'll have to deal with it very year

  2. wow, so much snow!! that snow shovel looks pretty tough and i'm glad you were able to get your car out. be careful driving out there!!

  3. I'm giving an amazing jeweled cuff away as a Christmas gift. you should enter it. its open to everyone worldwide!:)

  4. You are all geared up! We haven't had our snow yet although it was on the forecast, but we will get our share this weekend. Yippee! (just kidding.) It's funny how your Mom got your a size L hoping that you'd grow into it. Is that what every mom does? LOL.

  5. Cee, you forgot to link where you got your shovel!!! lol, i have an itty bitty shovel too and i need one like yours. and that forver21 sweater is so versatile. i think i'm gonna copy you :)

  6. That snow looks absolutely gorgeous, but seeing you armed with that giant shovel makes me very glad I live in California!

  7. My first question is...are your feet cold under the rainboots? I have been wanting to wear my rainboots out in the snow but am afraid I would freeze my feet off. I am so used to wearing uggs to keep my feet warm but they also get really dirty because of the dirty snow.

    And brrrr...we had our first snow a while ago but I think it's more like a thin layer. I am crossing my fingers for a mild winter, god knows I am already wearing five layers to work everyday. :)

  8. I loved snow living in Canada as a kid, but now I'm sort of glad I don't have to deal with it (although I'm sure some CA gals might disagree with me!). My Mom used to do the same thing... buy clothes in bigger sizes saying I'd grow into them. Well the joke was on her lol *sad*

  9. lol about the coat from middle-school to grow-into. It looks like it's in great condition too! I quite like your rainboots...I think you're converting me into gray-colored shoes, for it seems to match everything, or at least on you :) great wintry photos, I don't see snow anymore where I live (in the desert somewhere)

  10. I love the striped top and sweater combo! I have a large Columbia jacket too - which is good because we got 6 inches today and my toddler wanted to play in the snow :)

  11. lloovveee your snow outfit! you are so lucky to have four inches :) sounds like an adventure!


  12. PetiteLittleGirl - Me too :( Drivers in my area are perhaps the worst in the country. We panic even when there's light dusting on the ground (me included lol). Stay safe, Sydney!

    kileen - Thanks, surprisingly traffic and roads were decent last night. My commute was even better than normal o.O

    Faboulista - I'll be sure to check it out :)

    Vicky - Haha, stay warm this weekend! I haven't met a mom yet who doesn't think their kids will just keep on growing ;)

    Lisa - Lol my bad! My dad got it for me a few years ago. Pretty sure he went to Lowes or Home Depot. And definitely copy away! I'm glad we're all able to inspire one another :)

    Kristen - Hehe it's a double standard, that snow. Pretty to look at but treacherous to drive in.

    Elle - My feet are only as warm as the socks I'm wearing lol. I wore normal knee-high socks and was outside for about half an hour. They didn't freeze but probably would have if I stayed longer. I know Hunters make these socks especially for their boots, so you can probably give those a try.

    PetiteXXS - For once, the grass is greener on the other side! If my whole life wasn't based here, I'd be tempted to give CA a try :)

    olyvia - Yup, I highly recommend Columbia jackets, they hold up well! For me, gray is the new black. They certainly go with everything :)

    SewPetiteGal - I've been wearing this Gap top to death :) So comfy and I love the fit. You've yet to show us yours! Oh my, 6" of snow is a ton. Is this your baby's first snow? Have a good time out there!

    Chelsea Lane - In theory, 4" of snow is pretty to look at, but horrendous to drive in!

    PearlsAndGreenTea - Thanks, my MAM is my go-to in foul weather. Holds up amazingly!

  13. You managed to be stylish and functional in the cold weather (which I find very challenging) great job! We had an ice storm here night before last.....I'm looking forward to summer!

  14. i wish we got snow where i live :( love the burberry boots!


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