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When I was at the mall browsing the racks at LOFT today, I heard someone say, "Ma'am?" I look up and it was a sales associate who excitedly proclaimed, "I LOVE the your tights! The color is fabulous!" Surprised and shocked, it took me a sec to recover and say "thank you, I got it at Forever 21." She was astonished to hear this but probably happy to know it won't cost much to buy one too. I walked out the store with the biggest smile on my face. Compliments from strangers totally make my day. What compliment have you received lately?

scarf: Old Navy
necklace: J.Crew
jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch
shirt: Hollister
belt: Old Navy
tights: Forever 21 (currently sold here)
flats: Miu Miu (similar)

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  1. Your title says it all, Cee. The look is electrifying. Love it!

  2. wow, those tights are amazing! i would have never thought to pair blue tights with those colors!

    on friday i went to a happy hour, and someone i had met once before said they loved my style :P

  3. something about those tights makes your outfit more "fashion-forward"! I'm also glad the tights are affordable! I think it takes a fashionista to pull off those kinds of colors, and you wore it so chic! Perfect!

  4. I love getting compliments like that from perfect strangers - you must look pretty darn good to motivate them to say something (which you do, of course!)

    And those tights are pretty amazing. I'd say they take the outfit to a whole other fabulous level. :)

  5. Love the color!!! Now all you need is an Electric Blue Bal! :) Between you and Kileen, I really have to spend some time in F21 - great find! OK, too many exclamation marks means that I need to calm down a little LOL.

  6. I like the color of your tights too, I have been trying colorful tight in casual outfits but always think they are a little odd on me. I think you rocked them though and can see why that stranger felt compelled to compliment you! :)

  7. Wow- those electric blue tights are awesome! So totally different and I love it!

    Are those flats more comfy than Tory Burch's?

  8. Wow! Those tights are so bright and fun! I don't think I have the cajones to pull those off, but any girl who can is awesome in my book.

    P.S. - Your J.Crew skirt is so cute! I found the black on sale too, so now I have the black and orangy-red. =)

  9. I love your bright tights! I have several bright tights but I don't know how to wear them. You do it so well!

    It's always nice when others genuinely compliment you...the latest was for my bow flats and that was awesome. =)

  10. I LOVE your tights too!! i actually have a blue pair that I bought from Macy's (Hue line) last year and have been trying to figure out how to wear them. I love this outfit you put together and it has definitely given me new inspiration on how to wear my own. thanks!!


  11. It is always nice to get compliments, deffinitely from strangers!

    Check out my blog and stay tuned for new updates! Feel free to leave a comment or to follow me with google friends!



  12. Vicky - I was listening to the Grease soundtrack a few days before I wore this outfit so the songs were stuck in my head lol.

    Leena - Aren't unexpected compliments the best? :)

    olyvia - Aww, thank you! No one's ever described my clothes as fashion-forward before so that is a high compliment indeed!

    Kristen - I was scared to try them on at first but sucked it up and I'm glad to have ventured out of my comfort zone :)

    SewPetiteGal - Oh how I wish I can get my hands on an EB Bal! Or any Bal for that matter lol! I actually don't like shopping at F21 the store because it's so disorganized and messy. But I love their online shop! Definitely have to set aside a few hours just to browse haha.

    Elle - I debated for awhile whether I should walk out the door in this outfit, but in the end I'm glad I did. Give colorful tights a shot... they may turn out better than you think :)

    Really Petite - Hmm... I'm not sure how Miu Mius compare to Tory Burch. I've heard from others that the Revas are uncomfortable though. The Miu Mius took a couple wears to break through. The back elastic gave me blisters, but once they're broken in, I have no complaints. I got them on super sale though, so I don't think I'd pay them at full retail.

    Alterations Needed - Never say never until you give something a try ;) I usually try to stay away from buying multiples, but this skirt is totally worth having in other colors! Now I just need to find some on sale.

    Stylepint - I tried to keep the rest of the outfit neutral/dark and let the bright tights shine. Too many clashing colors and I'll look like a hot mess!

    kileen - Yay for being blue tights twins :) can't wait to see how you wear yours!

    Yvette - Thanks for stopping by, I'll be checking out your blog :)

  13. I love your tights, too- they're FABULOUS! As is your whole look. And I always love surprising people with the "I got it at Forever 21" line- I swear, the accessories (belts, tights, jewelry) that I get at F21 always garner the most compliments.

  14. Very bright and bold, I am loving it! Cute look. I have always been afraid of bright colors but I definitely want to incorporate them into my style next year.

    Hmmm..I am not sure whether we work in the same industry or not :)

  15. I love getting compliments from strangers too hehe... it always takes me by surprise though and I never know how to respond! I probably couldn't wear such bright tights comfortably but you style it so well!


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