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by - Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Instead of toting a Balenciaga City, don't you think this Proenza Schouler PS1 would complete today's outfit? The book-bag style is casual but so me. Plus that raspberry red is absolutely divine, the best red I've ever seen on a bag (and I'm not really a red girl!). I really should not buy any more bags, but perhaps one day... =)

blazer: theory
polo: Abercrombie & Fitch
belt: Old Navy

*Proenza Schouler images courtesy of bagcraze

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  1. GAH, that raspberry PS1 is ridic cute. I am looking to complete my bag collection with a red Chanel (can't justify the price now though). I love your outfit, you wear that Theory jacket so well. :)

  2. Great color! I just saw one very similar at Dillard's but it was BCBG. Cute outfit too!

  3. What a gorgeous bag! and yes, it would go perfectly with your super cute outfit :)

  4. PS1 would definitely match your outfit. Got to see one IRL at Barneys the other day, wasn't so impressed with the leather though esp since it's smaller than the City and costs more!!

    Very cute outfit though. :)

  5. Oh that bag is amazing - particularly the color. Great find!

  6. Gorgeous bag! I love the pop of pink in the ensemble. I never know how to wear polo shirts aside from by themselves with jeans or khakis, but you've just given me layering ideas to try out!

  7. I've been eyeing the PS1 for a while...I love the large envelope style flap...


  8. Oh my you're right that raspberry is just divine! I'm not really a red red person but I do think I now have a soft spot for raspberry. Your THeory blazer and ON boots truly are versatile pieces...they look great in each outfit post!

  9. I haven't seen that color when it comes to bag. What a great find there. Your outfit is so cute and stylish. I love every piece.

  10. that bag color is just delicious! they really captured the raspberry color well.

    i love the pink top you're wearing today and it layers very nicely under the blazer.

  11. I love this look!!! And that bag is super cute- love it!

  12. Can't believe those are ON boots. They look so good - like the Steve Madden Intyce.

    Jealous that Theory blazers fit you. Somehow they don't fit me, but they fit all the other petite bloggers.

  13. Elle - Sorry for being a total enabler, but you should so get a red Chanel! Are you looking for a true, primary red? If so, Chanel really does make the best shade.

    Callandra - Thanks for the tip! I'll go take a look at Dillard's.

    PetiteLittleGirl, kileen, Really Petite - Thank you, girls :)

    Jen - Boo at the leather not being up to par as Bal's! No Barneys near me so I'll have to find another way to check it out in person.

    Kristen - I couldn't agree more :)

    SewPetiteGal - This is my first time wearing a polo this way too ;)

    bubbs - I'm not sure if I've seen that style, but I'll be sure to check it out!

    PetiteAsianGirl - Welcome to the bandwagon ;) Now if only I can find it somewhere...

    Nelah - Me too! I'm hoping other, more affordable designers will copy that shade. That way I'll have more options :)

    Aubrey - I remember those SM's Intyce! It has a buckle near the top, right? But the cognac color and wedge-heeled style are the same.

    I'm sorry theory blazers don't work out for you. I say keep on trying though because they come in all sorts of styles.

  14. Oh wow, the red bag is divine. :) I really like the Balenciaga City bag you are wearing in the picture too. It works very well with your outfit. Love!

  15. I've been DYING for a ps1!!! That's such a gorgeous colour you posted. I've heard there are quality issues though...have you heard that?

  16. I've been really loving all your outfits! You wear things I would definitely wear myself, except you make it look better! :)


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