Reader request: tying scarves and sashes

by - Friday, December 31, 2010

Reader Hailey emailed me:

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVEEE the way you layer. I especially loveee the way you tie scarves in different ways. I have been all over the internet trying to figure out how to tie scarves in different ways besides the basic 3-4 ways. I would love it if you could do a small youtube vid or post pictures with instructions? Also I got this super cute J. Crew sash scarf/belt and I have been trying to figure out how to tie it because one side is smaller than the other side and it looks really awkward the ways I have tried to tie it. Maybe you could do something with that also?
Thanks for your kind words, Hailey :) Though, I bet the 3-4 ways you tie scarves are the exact same ways I tie my scarves, lol. I've been trying to find more ways to tie them too (suggestions welcome), but I'll share 3 ways that I've tied scarves on this blog. This is my first time doing videos, so it's quite amateur-ish. There's no sound because I was too busy making sure I was doing everything right and forgot to talk.

Look #1: For the most part, this is my go-to look. This is probably the most common way to tie scarves. At the end, I like to "fluff" out the top part of the scarf a bit just so it doesn't look as neat. Worn here, here, here, and here.

Look #2: There's the option of belting at the end so the ends don't fly around, but that's a personal preference. I tend to only do that with thinner scarves. Worn here and here.

Look #3: I like to wear this look under jackets because I don't like to have the ends peeking out underneath my coats. With this look, there's the option of tucking one end underneath the bottom loop and the other underneath the top loop (which is the way I showed in the video), or you could tuck both ends underneath the bottom loop only or both underneath the top loop only. Whew, that was a mouthful. Hopefully the video made that clear. Worn here.

I just so happen to own the J.Crew silk bouquet sash that Hailey mentioned, so here's a video of how I would tie it, whether it be worn around the waist or hips. If your flowers are of varying sizes, I would probably tie the bow on the "smaller" side, just to even things out a bit. Once you've tied the bow, you can stop there and let the ends hang, or you can loop the ends around until they're shortened. And finally, adjust the two layers of sash that you looped around your waist/hips, so one is behind the other.

And for Elle (way overdue!), this is how I tie my J.Crew Glimmer sash. Definitely not so neat and can you see how I just wing it as I go? Hence all the hesitations, lol.

I hope this was somewhat helpful! Every time I tie scarves/sashes, it never looks the same. Think of is as an art --- one that's ok if it's not perfect :) Let me know if you have questions!

Have a great last day of 2010 and see you in 2011!

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  1. Thanks Cee, this is such a helpful tutorial (lol about that last video). I am definitely going to try tying my scarfs this way!!!! :)

  2. Great Tutorials Cee!! The third one is a very creative and new way to me!! I'm going to have to try this one out soon.

    Happy New Year!!! :)

  3. Love your tutorial. Those short videos are super helpful. I will sure try these techniques

  4. Thanks for doing the video tutorials! They were extremely helpful in seeing exactly how to replicate your looks. Will this be the first of many vid posts? :)

  5. Here's a great website with tons of scarf tying tutorials:

  6. Great videos! The website littlenashua posted is the one I go to as well :)

  7. I really enjoy watching all your tutorials and I have noticed that you wear scarf a lot. I am not big on scarf and didn't know it can be worn in so many different ways and added as a fun piece. Happy New Year to you, Cee!

  8. Nice job Cee. I usually wear my scarf like in your 1st video, I feel it's the most comfy and I don't feel like I'm being strangled. :-)
    Overall, give yourself a pat on your back. I thoroughly enjoyed your videos.

  9. Guys Layer differently but great videos! Layering is so good for winter and spring months!

  10. wonderful! and i love that jcrew sash too;)

  11. great videos!! i love the way you tied your scarf in the 3rd video. will have to try that out sometime!

  12. Girl, you are so creative! Thanks for sharing your tips!


  13. Thanks for sharing Cee! I only knew about #1 and #2, so it was great to see the other ones. #1 is my go-to method as well.


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