Follow-up: Express moto jacket

by - Saturday, January 01, 2011

To follow-up on the Express haul from last week, I tried on the Express (Minus the) Leather Moto Jacket in dusty pink, size XS again based on all your wonderful suggestions. I hope my posture is better this time around (thanks Leena!) and Jess's idea of pairing the jacket with high-waisted trousers.

sweater: Abercrombie & Fitch
sash: Anthropologie
shoes: BCBGirls (currently sold here)

And the "squeaks" that I had a hard time describing from the earlier post, is recorded in a video as requested by Elle. My point-and-shoot is quite old and the sound quality isn't the best. Turning up the volume might help but there's a lot of static in the background. Sorry about that!

What are your thoughts on this look and the squeaks? A keeper or return?

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  1. I'm so sorry, but I'm not really a fan of the jacket (although I am a fan of you). But my mom always says, if you like it, keep it. :-)

  2. I agree with Lisa... it's an ok jacket, I'm not sure I like the bottom of it. But if you really like it, you should keep it! At the same time, if you have reservations about it and you're self-conscious about the squeaking, I'd just return it.

    ps. I LOVE that necklace. so pretty!

  3. Hi Cee - your Moto Jacket is lovely but in my opinion it is difficult to pair/match with other pieces. Overall it is not bad, I just don't know how to wear or what to wear with it. I like your Express pants

  4. Wow, the jacket IS noisy. I really like the color and the fit but I don't love the sound. I would say return because the squeaking would bother me so much (I am really weird like that). It really looks terrific with high-waist pants though!

  5. that jacket color is so beautiful, but if you are uncomfortable with the noise or the shorter torso length, I would return it. I'm also weird, where noises from clothes bothers me too.

  6. @Lisa, @kimmie - Thank you for your honest comments :) Truly. I think I had too high hopes for this jacket and then when I received it, there are just too many issues that I don't think I can overlook.

    @kimmie - About the necklace, you should check out Ann Taylor outlet because they have the same exact necklace for $60. And they have a promo for 50% off entire store (don't know how long it'll last). I think that's a pretty good price!

    @Nelah - It's funny because the color is what drew me to the jacket! I think overall though, there are too many issues that I can't get over, so I'll most likely be returning it.

    @Elle, @olyvia - Whew! Glad the squeaks don't bother just me. I'm leaning towards returning it now.

  7. I heart the look of the jacket with the turtleneck and necklace but I don't know about the squeaking. If you wind up returning, I hope you find a different jacket that fits well, is a good color, and is non-squeaky :)

  8. the jacket is lovely but i think the bottom looks a bit funny too. i think i would also feel a little self-conscious about the squeaking, but if it doesn't bother you, then keep it. otherwise, i think it's a return.

    with all the sales going on now, i hope you'll find a nice jacket!

  9. The video is too funny! Instead of squeaking it sounds more like a crumply bag.

    I think the fluttery bottom is strange because it adds inches of width where your natural waist is. This ensemble is cute but I have to admit the jacket doesn't do the figure any favors. Also since you've had so much doubt about it to date, I'd suggest continuing your search for one that you are more comfortable in!

  10. I love the video- more please!!

    I say because you are not 100% in love with it- return!! I still like my cream one but don't love it like I should..LOL

  11. @SewPetiteGal, @kileen - I ended up returning the jacket yesterday, but crossing my fingers on finding a non-squeaky one in the future :)

    @PetiteAsianGirl - Lol! Crumply bag is such a better description! What was I thinking calling it squeaky ;)

    @Really Petite - Really?! But it looks so much better on you. Are you going to keep or return?

    @Henar - Thank you :)

  12. I think it's a nice jacket, I like the color and the cut is fitting on you :)

  13. I love that necklace!


  14. I think you made the right decision to return it. The noise would probably drive me nuts.

    Love your new layout Cee, so streamlined and chic.


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