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by - Thursday, January 20, 2011

I picked up this Talbots Winter lace top in navy, size 0P (currently on sale here). The online model looked absolutely gorgeous wearing it so I had high hopes for this top. When I received it in person, I marveled over how nicely made this top was and how it didn't feel itchy when running my fingers over the lace. The fit on me was a disappointment. It felt fine across the shoulders but had more of a boxy and short fit, reminiscent of kids' clothing. Perhaps it's my long torso or the model wearing higher-rise jeans, but I'm getting too old to be baring my midriff. Sadly this top will be going back.

I couldn't turn my eyes away from this Talbots Drape front sweater in mist heather, size S/M (currently on sale here). I love the draped look and it reminded me a lot of an Alice + Olivia sweater from a few months ago. The fit was big on me, but probably would look a lot better if I had belted it like the model. I couldn't get over how itchy it felt, so this too will be a return back to the store.

Overall, this wasn't a horrible experience. I would still give Talbots a shot (but staying away from final purchases!). They have pretty and modern pieces that I'm already eyeing for spring :)

On an different note, go check out some fabulous modeling shots of bloggers' Bals at for the love of Balenciaga including yours truly and SewPetiteGal!

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  1. Aw thanks for mentioning the post! I hope I can get a few more pics for my next set.

    Sorry none of your purchases worked out!

    The lace top is cute. Perhaps a longer cami underneath might help?

    I like the drape sweater, but the deal breaker for me if it's not comfortable. The itchiness would probably bother me a lot too.

  2. Good review of Talbots! I'm still curious about the fit, though I'm sure boxy is the biggest bummer about their fit. I know they have quality construction and a diverse range of styles and fabrics...if only they got the fit to be slimmer and smaller...I'd be there in a heartbeat! =)

  3. Wow the lace top is very different from how it looks on the model! I'm surprised the cut is so boxy though the lace peeking out of the cardigan is sooo pretty. However, the point of buying a top is not so that you can put a bunch of stuff over it (unless it's final sale LOL). I really like the cardigan but I wouldn't be able to stand anything that was itchy so I definitely agree it should be returned. Yay for the Bal post and thank you for the shout-out! :)

  4. Thanks for this review....I tried to order some of their items recently, but couldn't in the end because they were all final sale. I def agree with your return choice, neither item is perfect for sure. Btw, really enjoyed the Balenciaga bag post, thanks for adding that in!

  5. I too agree with the return, I think in the end the cut of Talbot's clothes leans toward boxy. I think they likely pinned the clothes on the models to create the illusion that their clothes are slimmer than they are. I really like the bbag feature that you linked to, your balenciaga is gorgeous (lol I try to stay away from that lovely blog, too dangerous for my wallet!)

  6. Thanks for the reviews! I always seem to forget about Talbots. I will have to keep them in mind for future shopping trips.

  7. Gah I hate itchy sweaters! They should be comfy and cozy like you're wearing a stylish blanket!

    That lace top is so strange. I wonder if it's pinned at the back on the model. Definitely does not look like the photo!

  8. Drats, too bad the lacey top didn't work out. It would have looked beautiful if it looked like the pic in the model. I just bought a lacey black top at target for only $10. I'll post an OOTD for it some time next week. I'm heading over to check out the Bal post right. Haha, I'll be swooning and drooooooling all over my keyboard.

  9. Bummer it didn't work out..I'm suspect about Talbots for some reason- lol

    I really like how u put the model pic next to u wearing it- so helpful!!!

    Thanks for the review:-)

  10. wow, it's too bad about Talbots. I'm always curious about that store too as it seems like they cater to petites. i agree that these items weren't worth keeping. hopefully next time!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  11. I love a lot of the style of Talbots things, but I don't trust that they are petite friendly. I found a wrap skirt from Talbots at the thrift store that was a 14P, and it still had the tags on (originally $108, I got it for about $8). I decided to take it apart and size it down to fit me, figuring that it would only need to get smaller in the width. However, despite being a petite, it still needed to lose about 2" in the length to get the hem to the right length (knee length). I think that their target market is older women, so the sizing is geared towards a different body type.

  12. The Talbots lace top looks so different on the model..I hate when that happens! So disappointing!


  13. aww, that lace top is so pretty, lame that it didn't fit right. Although I suppose a tailor could easily pull in the sides to be less boxy. I wonder how it would fit if you had tried the smallest regular size (instead of petite) since the hem looks so short.

  14. @JenlovesBal - I thought about a longer cami, but all the ones I have are cotton. It just didn't look as nice with the lace.

    @Stylepint - I agree with all your points. That's why I'm not giving up on them yet.

    @SewPetiteGal - Oh don't get me started on final sales :) I've yet to figure out what to do with my recent non-returnable purchases!

    @Callandra, @kileen - If you're really interested, give their stores a try. I went today to return these items and my store actually had a pretty large petite section. That way, if you know your size, shopping online will be a breeze.

    @Elle - Usually I'd be the first enabler, but since you just bought a Chanel recently, you should definitely enjoy that to the fullest before wandering elsewhere ;)

    @Kristen - Yup, definitely keep them on your radar. I'm curious to know how their clothing would fit on you.

    @curls-and-pearls - It hadn't crossed my mind, but the top is probably pinned :(

    @Lisa - I'll be waiting for your Target lace post. Perhaps there will be other Target fitting room posts? :) You're my go-to gal for those, hehe.

    @ReallyPetite - When I have an uneven number of pictures to put up, my default is the stock photo, lol. But now that you mention it, having a comparison pic is nice!

    @littlenashua - Makes sense about sizing catering to older women. It's just too bad for us younger ladies!

    @PearlsAndGreenTea - I know :( Perhaps next time I'll have better luck!

    @olyvia - Hmm, I should stop by the store and see how a regular would fit. But alterations with lace sound like it could be $$$$.


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